Britney Spears Reveals Sexy Cover Art For New Single

2013 has been a turn- around year for Britney Spears – after negative

reception as a judge on The X-Factor and her engagement coming to an

end, the singer is once again back on track. She recently announced

that her new single "Work Bitch" will premiere on Monday, Sept. 16.

With that exciting news, the singer shared the cover art for the song…

and she's not looking too shabby! Wearing a low cut (very low cut),

sparkling leotard, Brit shows off her cleavage and toned stomach with

a sassy smirk on her face in a dressing room. The showgirls-themed

ensemble and somewhat hidden "Las Vegas" sign hint towards the report

that the 31-year-old is set to start a residency in the City of Sin.

The rumors of Britney's new gig have been flying around for months,

but just a few weeks ago, the singer put a countdown on her website to

the date Sept. 17. It's expected that that is when she'll make the

official announcement.



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