Lion that snarls like Beyonce: Photographer captures bizarre quizzical look on the big cat’s face

Captured mid-roar, this lion

appears to be showing its

inner-diva as it bears a

striking resemblance to

American songstress Beyonce.

The incredible photo captures

the powerful facial expression

as the lion lets it all go and

opens up its vocal chords.

And, with his flowing golden

mane and penetrating gaze,

the big-cat wouldn't look out

of place on stage with the

wondrous singer.

Debra Jones, 47, took the

photo at the Spirit of the Hills

Wildlife Sanctuary, South

Dakota, U.S.


Debra, who works as an

accountant, was astonished

when her pictures of adult

male lion Hercules included

this amazing snapshot.

Debra said: 'I usually take

pictures of the majority of the

animals and I was taking shots

of Hercules roaring.

'It was a lucky snap shot at

the end of a very long day.'

Spirit of the Hills Wildlife

Sanctuary was founded in

1999 to provide a permanent

home for unwanted, neglected

and abused animals.

Prior to establishing the

Sanctuary in Spearfish, South

Dakota, director Michael

Welchynski founded and

directed Spirit Valley Wildlife

Sanctuary in Dauphin,

Manitoba, Canada.

Spirit Valley was an animal

refuge facility for injured and

orphaned wildlife and for

unwanted domestic and exotic


Along with badgers, birds of

prey, moose and Black bears,

Spirit Valley was also home to

a Barbary lion named Hercule,

who needed a permanent

home after outgrowing his

adopted family's city

apartment, and a Siberian

tiger named 'Tane', who was

confiscated by Canadian

authorities when her owner

was caught walking her on a

leash in a suburban

neighborhood in


Upon the invitation of Johanna

Meier and Guido Della

Vecchia, owners and directors

of the Black Hills Passion Play,

Michael Welchynski

transported some 200 animals,

including the lion and tiger,

across the international

border to establish Spirit of

the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in

Spearfish, South Dakota.



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