World Cup – FIFA to use German goalline technology at 2014 World Cup

Germany company GoalControl will supply the

camera-based technology, FIFA said, following

a successful trial during the Confederations

Cup in Brazil earlier this year.

GoalControl uses 14 cameras around the pitch

to monitor whether the ball has crossed the

line, sending a signal to the referee's watch

within a second to confirm that a goal has

been scored.


FIFA noted there were no close calls on

goalline incidents during the Confederations

Cup but added that the technology had

functioned well.

FIFA decided to adopt technology after

England were denied a goal when Frank

Lampard's shot hit the bar and bounced over

the line during a 4-1 defeat by Germany in the

2010 World Cup.

For the Germans, it was a fitting revenge for

the most famous disputed goal of all time –

Geoff Hurst's shot against the bar that formed

part of his hat-trick in England's 1966 World

Cup final win at Wembley.

The English Premier League is using goalline

technology supplied by British-based company

Hawk-Eye from this season


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