Avoid bad breath with these five foods

Bad breath can make you and others

uncomfortable. Except some people who have

medical conditions like dry mouth, oral

infections or halitosis caused by diseases like

cancer, most of us can avoid bad breath with

proper oral hygiene. You can also keep away

bad breath by watching what you eat. Here

are five foods that will make your breath

smell better.

Herbs and spices: If you need a quick fix to

freshen up your breath, try herbs and spices

like parsley, basil, spearmint, tarragon,

rosemary, cardamom or clove. The

compounds called polyphenols will help break

down the sulfur compounds in foods like

garlic and keep odour away.


Pro-biotic yoghurt: Yoghurt can help reduce

the level of odor-causing hydrogen sulfide

and remove bacteria in the mouth. This means

no stinky breath, plague and gum disease.

Crunchy fruits and veggies: Munch on

apples or carrots to increase saliva production

which in turn will clean out food particles and

plague from your teeth.

Water: Keep your mouth moist as odour-

causing bacteria thrive in a dry mouth.

Drinking water can also remove food particles

and bacteria from your mouth.

Berries and citrus fruits: Vitamin C helps

destroy the anaerobic bacteria present in the

mouth. So load up on vitamin C-rich foods to

fight bad breath and gum disease.

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