Nicki Minaj –Bad Case of the Benz …Smashes Up BF’s Mercedes

Now we know why Nicki Minaj and her longtime boyfriend broke up …

one of them was on the verge of going to jail after she smashed the

windows of his Mercedes with a baseball bat.

Here's what we know.


During the summer, Nicki and Safaree Samuels got into an argument. She

started screaming, he got pissed, and she EXPLODED in anger, grabbing

a bat and chasing him out of the house.

She wisely chose property over person, and pulverized the 2012 Benz.

And for bad measure, she threw his clothes in the garbage — just like

in the movies.Law enforcement sources tell us … cops were called to

the house, but no arrests were made.

Safaree was escorted out of the house and left.

As for why Nicki didn't get in trouble … it appears she owned the

Mercedes, but allowed him to use it, and you can't get arrested for

destroying your own property.

They broke up a short time later. Wise move.

Credit: TMZ


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