7 “Little” Habits to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship

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Love as they say is a journey, sometimes a long one. And like many anticipated and long journeys, the beginning tends to look promising, exciting, and pumped full of energy. It is easier to keep the spark alive during the early days of a relationship when everything is fresh and the two of you learn new things about each other every minute.

But what happens when you have become accustomed to each other especially when you want to go long term? Of course, you do not throw each other away. You find ways to keep the fire going.

In this article, we explore some simple ways to do this so that every day can still feel like a honeymoon for you and your partner.  

1. Go On Surprise Dates

    If you are looking for a long-term relationship, then this is one of the best ways to keep the fire burning. Dates don’t necessarily have to be a planned dinner on a boat where you two watch the setting sun together (although that wouldn’t be bad). It can be as simple as a candlelight dinner at home, a spontaneous picnic, a weekend getaway, a movie night whether at home or the cinema, or a visit to a tourist site. It can be anything, as long as it is sweet and romantic. Think about what you and your partner might love to do together. 

    2. Cook Together

    A couple that cooks together stays together. Or however the saying goes. Cooking is an art, and like all art forms, it is most satisfying when it is shared. There is nothing picturesquely sweeter than seeing two lovebirds engage in a fun bonding cooking session because that is what it can be – a bonding experience. You can even get your ingredients together, and then with some music in the background, make something you love, and sit down to enjoy it. How nice is that?

    3. Take Screen Breaks

    It is more difficult to get people to put their electronic devices to rest than it is to thread a needle in the dark these days. Everybody has something to do on their phones, laptops, and whatnot and as a result, we tend to lose focus on some other very important things in our lives. That includes spending quality time with our partners. One of the ways to work around this is to set aside certain times during the day when you put your devices aside and simply enjoy each other’s company.

    4. Dance Together

    This should not be something that is only seen in romance movies. You and your partner can do it too. Dancing together can be intimate, sensual, relaxing, calm, energizing, and most importantly, fun. Whatever songs you like, put it on and hit the floor together. Dancing is not referred to as the hidden language of the soul for nothing.

    5. Practice Active Listening

    One of the best things in the world is the feeling of being paid attention to when you are speaking. That undivided attention someone gives you as you either bare your heart out on a crucial issue or as you simply drone on about a mundane incident at work, a thought, a feeling, etc. can make you feel seen and valued. As a couple, genuinely showing interest in what your partner says can fuel your emotional bonding and communication in general. Even if you do not understand them completely, let them know you are paying attention.

    6. Compliment Each Other

    Everybody loves a compliment, more so in a relationship. A sweet compliment here and there can make all the difference and keep the spark aglow. Remember that compliments don’t only have to be about the physical, but also certain traits you love about your partner. Tell them you love how kind or generous they are, how honest, compassionate, reasonable, understanding, or sweet they are. If you love how they laugh, let them know. Compliment their cooking, their intelligence, their dedication. The list goes on and on.

    7. Celebrate Each Other

    It is not just crucial but also beautiful to be each other’s biggest fans in a relationship. When your partner achieves milestones, celebrate them in whatever big or small way you can instead of passing them off as something “normal”. Show them a nice gesture that they will always remember. Also, try to celebrate each other’s anniversaries as these provide the perfect opportunity for a reflection on your lives. 

    All in all…

    As aforementioned, a relationship is like a journey. Others say it is a garden that needs some tender loving care to flourish. If you want it to grow, invest in some of these little but not-so-little habits that will keep it burgeoning for a long time to come.

    Source Agyei Kwarteng Mensah

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