NAGRAT Calls for Immediate Termination of Double-Track System in Senior High Schools

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The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has called on the government to terminate the current system of double-track in senior high schools and reset the academic calendar to the previous trimester system.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, September 27, president of the association, Angel Carbonu explained that teachers and management of second-cycle institutions have become burdened by the system due to increase in student populations and the extension of teaching periods.

He recalled the government’s decision to run the Green-Gold track system for five years after its introduction in 2018 to accommodate the overwhelming numbers of students that followed the institution of the Free Senior High School program.

However, the government has failed to fulfill its promise of putting up infrastructures to accommodate the growing numbers and consequently canceling the system since many schools were still running it, he said.

According to Mr. Carbonu, the system continues to create health and financial challenges for teachers, some of whom teach across tracks and have little to no holiday breaks. He added that it also creates uncertainties for parents and students.

“What we are running right now is putting an untold burden on our teachers who are regularly going to the hospital for care, and who are spending a significant portion of their meager salaries to cater for themselves. Moreover, the system lacks certainty in our schools, as parents and students cannot determine when schools would reopen or go on vacations,” he explained.  

Mr. Carbonu reiterated the union’s call for the termination of the double-track system and a reset of the academic calendar to what it used to be. He also charged GETFund to account for why it has failed to put up the said infrastructures.

Mr. Carbonu warned that the union would consider further action if their demands were not met.

Source Agyei Kwarteng Mensah

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