‘Kumawood’ Is Disgracing Ghana – David Dontoh

Local Ghanaian movies, mostly called 'Kumawood

Movies' have come under serious criticisms from

many Ghanaians concerning the kind of movies

produced from that side of the industry .

The paramount among the criticisms is the level of

the quality of these movies released onto the

market and the stories they portray.

Actor Eckow Smith-Asante not long ago said ninety

percent (90%) of movies produced from that sector

of the local movie industry are having a negative

effect on the Ghanaian movie industry as whole

which he received lots of animadversions from his

colleagues and the general public.

Veteran actor David Dontoh has added his voice to

the long talk about how 'Kumawood Movies' are

portraying our culture to the outside world

wrongly. In an audio tape played on Adom FM's

Adom Entertainment Hall Show over the weekend ,

the ace actor said Kumawood movies are not only

destroying the Ghanaian movie industry but also

destroying the Akan culture.

"…Kumawood movies are not only destroying the

film industry but the Ghanaina culture and the

Akan culture. Unfortunately they are not using the

right people who know how to make the films well

because they are not using the universal film

language," he said.

Speaking on how foreigners think about Ghanaians,

he said "what foreigners ask when watching our

movies is that 'oh so these people are they that

erratic? Don't they have sense to tell sensible

things to people? Is that how every Ghanaian


"A lot of people outside think that every Ghanaian

is a comedian because that is what they have been

portraying in our movies. What you tell them is

what they think about." he added.

He further stated that you can't see an American

and say that he is poor because of what they have

been demonstrating in their movies.

"Why is it that the whole world everybody thinks

Americans are very strong, powerful, disciplined,

and authoritative human beings? It's because of

what you have seen Americans of in films. You

don't see an American and think he is poor

because they don't tell you they are poor in their

movies," he noticed.

He advised that these movies are used to depict

the Ghanaian and Akan culture so it should be

done well by exhibiting both the good and bad

sides of the society but not only the bad side.

"In as much as you are telling a story, don't forget

there are two sides of a coin. So if you are

shooting a movie, you should compare the bad

side to the good side of the society so that the

person watching will see the sensible logic from

what you are doing."


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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