Christiana Love grabs new ‘husband’

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Popular gospel musician Christiana Love, now known as Obaapa Christy, is
reported to have recently married a new husband and even delivered a
baby girl for him although her marriage with Pas­tor Love, the father of
her three children, is yet to be officially dissolved.

Interestingly, Christiana’s new husband, whose name was given as Nana
Frankie, is the same man she was accused of flirting with as far back as
2011 while she was still married to Pas­tor Love Hammond, General
Overseer of the Life Power Miracle Church.

Pastor Love, sounding heart-broken over the development, in an
interview with NEWS-ONE on Tuesday said no court has officially
dissolved his marriage with Christiana and he does not see how she would
give birth for anoth­er man and then allow the man to marry her.

He described the development as unbiblical, unlawful and unaccepted.

“Now the truth is out that the things I was saying in 2011 were all
true. The man she is married to even has a wife; her name is Auntie Kate
from Kumasi Tafo. She called me on phone and told me her husband and my
wife were flirt­ing in Germany but when I called the man he denied and
when I asked my wife she got angry and said she won’t marry me anymore,”
Pastor Love told NEWS-ONE in an interview granted in Twi.

He added: “Recently I heard Christiana and the man, Nana Frankie, had
returned to Ghana and were staying at Kasoa Kalabule and when I did my
checks, she has given birth for him. A baby girl, and he has married her

He has married my wife. Even my wife’s sister has come out to confirm
on radio that my wife has married another man. My wife ooo.”

When NEWS-ONE asked Pastor Love why he has not yet officially divorced
his wife, he said he does not understand the reason the wife demand­ed a
break up.

“I told you I rejected the drinks when they first brought it because I
do not know why my wife, with whom I have three children, would come one
day and say she won’t marry me anymore simply because I had told the
world she was flirting with another man,” he noted.

NEWS-ONE was not able to reach Christiana for a response but the Razz
newspaper quoted her to have said she does not really care about what
people say about the development.

“People are saying 1 gave birth, so what? Ghanaians talk too much,
especially on matters that have no bearing on their lives. I am not
concerned about what they say about me as I am focused on stuff that
will uplift my music…One should not pay attention to what people say.
What is said about you will not make you,” she was quoted.

Christiana and her husband who doubles as her manager, Pastor Love,
became a topic of major discussion in 2011 when the two publicly counter
accused each other of reckless adultery and unrestrained infidelity.

The female musician accused her pastor-husband of continuous domestic violence and alleged he had impregnated a church member.

Even then, Pastor Love said he had not decided to divorce his wife and said he was still praying over their differences.

“We have three children together and I can’t say I hate her but I am
still pray­ing about the challenge and asking God where this would end.
God has not told me that it is over between us so 1 cannot say that I am
no longer interested in my wife.

“When I was about to marry her, I prayed about it and God told me that
she is a very good woman but I would face some challenges in the
marriage. I did not know that the challenge would be this great. It
could be that after this crisis, we would become even closer than we
used to be and not allow people in between us. It could also mean that
we would not come together again but the issue is that as at now, she is
still my wife,” Pastor Love stated when the issue came up.

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