Stephanie Benson Explains Why She Chooses Exercise Over Body Surgery

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Getting a surgery done on her body is not an option for Stephanie Benson.

The UK-based Ghanaian singer explained why she chooses to exercise over body surgery in a recent interview that Newshuntermag.com has come across.

She stated that it is healthy to exercise than to have surgery.

The 55-year-old singer said every surgery has a side effect.

“If you’ve given birth and you want to go lift your breast because you have a number of children…Madam go and do it.

“My daughter who called me earlier was in a famous girl band. She had a slightly flatter breast and she wanted to uplift it but I told her if she gives birth it will sag again She does think about it again if you look at my page we exercise together,” Stephanie Benson told Felicia Osei on Onua 95.1 FM.

“I think health is everything. We need to be mindful of certain things. Every surgery has its side effect. I feel if you are done with childbirth and you want to change something, go ahead.”

Stephanie advised: “If not for exercise, we won’t be here. Exercise does some wonders. People should not underestimate it. I work out from home even after my hectic work schedule. After the age of 35 as a woman you need to lift some kind of weights. Any type of exercise is good. After you work out you feel so much better.”

Stephanie Benson


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