A White Substance Was Sprayed Into My Hotel Room But I’m Still Okay – Mr. Drew Recounts Spiritual Incident

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Ghanaian musician Andrew Nii Commey Otoo, known better by his stage name, Mr. Drew, has recalled a chilling experience he once had when he found someone spraying a white substance through the keyhole of his hotel room.

In a discussion on United Showbiz concerning spirituality in the entertainment industry, Mr. Drew noted his belief in paranormal forces in everyday life and shared his thoughts on prophesies that some men of God proclaim about artists in the industry.

“As for prophecies, it is up to you if you choose to focus on them, whether you choose to divert your energies to focus on that or to focus on something good. Whatever you pay attention to, that’s what you get, so why give your attention to negativity when you can give your attention to the good stuff and then it will attract the good stuff,” he said.

He then narrated his hotel room incident and his subsequent reaction to the matter. According to him, he had gone for a show and on returning to his hotel room, surprisingly met the incident.

“I saw someone spraying something through the keyhole of my room. I was confused so I called my team and reported the case. But they were like, I should just forget about it. I didn’t bother confronting him and I’m still okay.

“That’s my point, if you focus on the bad things, that’s what you attract. If you focus on the good, you attract that as well. I choose to focus my energy on good things because I know that will bring me benefits,” he recounted.

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