CEO Of Bra Dea Foundation Discloses How God Gave Him The Gift of Philanthropy

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sunyani-based charity organization, Bra Dea Foundation, Michael Edwards Kwasi, has shared insights into how God blessed him with the drive to engage in charitable works.

Speaking in an interview with Newshuntermag.com‘s Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku on Unlimited Chat with K.O.K. on Top City TV, he recounted the tragic passing of his friend which began a series of events through which God opened his eyes to the weight that philanthropic acts carry.

“I had a friend who unfortunately passed away. After his burial and all final rites had taken place, I started dreaming about him and me going about our daily activities, hanging out, and all that. I am someone who is interested in God’s work and His prophets so I have men of God from whom I seek direction and so I approached my prophet, and he told me it wasn’t a good dream because the living shouldn’t be mingling with the dead.

“He directed me to buy some provisions, pray on them, and donate them to a family of four who were all living with disabilities in Sunyani. When I got there and met the family, I realized that the items I brought were few but I couldn’t do much because I was following a directive. After that donation, I never had the dream again. I realized that there is power in God and that charity is also very powerful. That was where the idea of philanthropy came from,” he narrated.

Although reflecting on the challenging nature of charitable works, Mr. Edwards noted that it is a big blessing to have others believe in his vision, adding that without the strength of God, none of it would be possible.

“If God doesn’t grant you the strength, whatever you do will be in vain. There are a lot of young people whom I’ve inspired and who always come to me that they also want to do philanthropy. it’s tough work for someone to see what you’re doing and decide to invest their money or effort into you. The NGO work is not easy. We seek sponsorship and support from people…You need help from people to run an NGO so for people to believe in you and donate to your cause is no small issue,” he said.

Watch the interview below:

CEO of Bra Dea Foundation

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