Film Producer Nana Wusu Opens Up About The Use Of “Juju” In The Movie Industry

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In a surprising revelation, movie producer, Nana Wusu, has admitted to having had a change of heart concerning his beliefs in the existence of spiritual forces or “juju” within the Ghanaian movie industry.

He disclosed this in response to long-standing rumors of spiritual influence, especially in local films, to bolster the works of movie producers and actors.

In an interview with Newshuntermag.com‘s Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku on Unlimited Chat with K.O.K on Top City TV, the Sunyani-based movie producer said he used to treat such rumors with skepticism. However, a recent conversation with a colleague has shifted his perspective.

“I didn’t believe it at first but lately, one of the biggest producers in Ghana came to have a conversation with me about what some producers do to promote their work, and the things he said convinced me otherwise. Forces are at play but I try not to give them any attention, otherwise, I would be affected so as for me, I don’t believe in doing those things,” he said.

The CEO of Nana Wusu Productions added that even though unseen forces feature greatly in the movie industry, there are others like him who believe in God’s power and depend on Him in everything they do.

“We also have people who work for us. If you believe in your God, you have to go before Him before you release your works. I don’t release movies anyhow. Before you even see my poster outside, I let my fathers [pastors] intervene before it goes out there. There are several pastors who intercede for me and my wife. So before a movie comes out, you have to do something first, otherwise, you’ll find yourself in trouble,” he emphasized.

Watch the interview below:

Movie producer Nana Wusu
Newshuntermag.com/Linda Agyei Kwarteng Mensah

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