Mugabe’s Wife Poised to Take Role in Zimbabwe’s Ruling

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Zimbabwe's first lady, Lady

Grace Mugabe, is set to

become part of the ruling

party's highest-decision

making body and possibly the

country's next president.

And analysts say the move

could dent the chances of

Vice President Joice Mujuru

succeeding 90-year-old

President Robert Mugabe

when his term ends.

Two out of three key organs

in Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-

PF party in recent days

nominated Mrs. Mugabe to

lead the party's women's

section. That puts her in line

to be in the party's central

committee — its highest

decision-making body.

Some analysts say Mugabe

asked his wife to enter

politics so she can take over.

His term ends in 2017,

although he is eligible to run

for re-election. Others

believe Mugabe wants to

position her as a

counterweight to Mujuru or

other potential rivals in the


Oppah Muchinguri, who has

been leading the party's

women's section, said she

will step down in favor of the

president's wife. She hopes

factionalism and debate over

Mugabe's successor will now

become a thing of the past.

"It is not easy because

mother [Mrs. Mugabe] had

been saying 'I do not wanna

be in politics,'" Muchingur

said. "But she was asked to

join it. So mother; your

children say lead us."

Mujuru and Justice Minister

Emmerson Mnangagwa are

considered favorites to

eventually take over from

Mugabe, who has been

Zimbabwe's leader since 1980

when the country won its

independence from Great


Pedzisai Ruhanya, who heads

the Zimbabwe Democracy

Institute, said that at

minimum, Mrs. Mugabe will

be significant figure in

Zimbabwean politics going


"This is Grace realizing that it

is nearing his sunset in terms

of his political career,"

Ruhanya said. "Anyone who

wants to take over from

Mugabe must make sure that

the future of the family is

protected. If that person

takes over from Mugabe,

must make sure that Grace is

found as a minister or an

important figure in any

future government after


On Friday, Mugabe addressed

his party's youth conference

but mentioned nothing about

retiring from politics.

On several occasions, he has

attacked senior officials who

talk about succession, saying

that fuels factionalism within

Zimbabwe's ruling party.


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