London Police after KKD’s brother for ‘threatening’ lady

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Yaw A. Darkwah (left) and Dilys Fit Chic Sillah.

The London Metropolitan Police (LMP) are investigating a case in which

Yaw A. Darkwah, brother of celebrity broadcaster and fashion icon

Kwesi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) is alleged to have threatened to send thugs

to a London-based Ghanaian lady, Dilys Fit Chic Sillah for posting

videos of herself on YouTube doing some analysis of the recent KKD

alleged rape case.

Dilys posted three videos on Youtube critically analyzing the manner

in which the KKD case was handled at the legal, socio-cultural and

psychological levels. At no point did Dilys say that KKD was guilty of

the offence. Neither did she say the 19-year-old lady was innocent.

But KKD’s brother, Yaw Darkwah sent a message to Dilys’ Facebook inbox

threatening to send his “trolls” to Dilys if she talked about KKD


A copy of the message he sent to Dilys is available to Adom News and

it read, “Talk about HIM again and I will send my trolls to you”.

According to Dilys, subsequent to that initial threat, he (Yaw

Darkwah) and his so-called trolls sent several other very insulting

and threatening messages to her on Facebook.

She therefore reported the matter to Facebook and also to the London

Metropolitan Police on Tuesday January 20, 2015. The case reference

number at the LMP is CAD7285/20-01.

The police followed up to her house on Wednesday January 21, 2015 and

picked up the evidence against Yaw Darkwah and his trolls. The

evidence comprised of about 40 different insulting and treacherous

Facebook message.

“The police also promised to make a formal complaint to Facebook

themselves,” Dilys said.

In one of the messages, available to Adom New, Darkwah posted about

the how untouchable the Darkwah family was and dared Dilys to post any

more messages on social media about KKD.

Darkwah wiped from Facebook

Meanwhile, following Dilys’ report to Facebook, Yaw Darkwah’s official

Facebook account is now completely wipe out. It is not clear if

Facebook wiped him out or wiped the content out to hide evidence. But

the account now reads “Content not available.”

Prior to the wiping of Yaw Darkwah’s Facebook account, Adom News sent

two messages to Yaw Darkwah on Facebook requesting him to avail

himself of the opportunity to tell his side of the story but he did

not respond to the request.

Dilys however told Adom News she was not perturbed by the threats of

Yaw Darkwah but was worried that 19-year-old Ewuraeffe Orleans

Thompson may have been subjected to similar threats, which compelled

her to abandon the court case against KKD.

“I am going to continue to speak to the various aspects of this issue,

how it has been poorly handled and how that affects young people and

victims of abuse in our society,” she said. “I think we need serious

reforms in our legal and socio-cultural environment because characters

in such cases need better protection than those in the KKD saga got.”

Dilys is convinced the matter was not handled well from the legal,

socio-cultural and psychological angles. She said if a similar case

had occurred in London the characters would have been sure of maximum

protection and psychological assistance all the way to the end of the


“The way we put the girl’s name, her pictures and her hospital report

into the media was very bad – if this had happened in the UK there was

no way the lady’s details will get out into the media the way it did.

We behave as if women elsewhere are better than women in Africa and

that is what worries me as a Ghanaian woman living in the UK,” she


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