Most Kumawood actors can’t read – Van Vicker

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Ghanaian actor Van Vicker says a number of Kumasi actors cannot read,

which is the main reason they are just given scenarios and scenes and

asked to come up with their own wording.

Van was answering a question on what he made of the strong line

between the Accra movies (glamour) and Kumasi movies (Kumawood) in an

interview with Hitz FM's Ibrahim Ben-Bako.

He said, "Some movies done in Kumasi don't really follow script per

say. Because a number of actors there can't read so they just give

scenarios. They mention a scene and the actors will have to come up

with their own wording that is worth acting but when I go to shoot in

Kumasi and I'm faced with similar problems where they give me

scenarios, I demand scripts so I'm given a script but not a fully

fleshed script".

On how the film industry was doing, Van said the industry is not really growing.

He said, it is bad because "the revenue filmmakers generate is not

what it should be, they still have piracy problems and there is no

unity in the industry."

Van Vicker believed that "there is a lot of future ahead the film

industry, producers and directors are also very much interested in

upgrading and are very much interested in having new equipment to

bring good quality movies. So yes it's bad and good at the same time".

Van has been appointed by the President of the Film Directors Guild of

Ghana (FDGG) as one of its executive members.

Credit: Hitz FM

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