Seven Recommendations Every University Student Should Consider Next Semester

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The second semester of Tertiary Institution’s calendar across the country is usually characterized as a very busy one. Regardless of the serious academic work that goes on every the semester, we should also know that, other important activities also play a role in making it a success.
There’s [absolutely] no doubt that, the second semester of every Institution, [most at times], fall in the course of every New Year, giving students the opportunity to resolute with passion, their goals to achieve right before the start of the semester.
In a bid not to fall off the juicy package entailed in every semester, I have outlined some suggestions with which University students could consider, so as to attain a semester of fruition, notwithstanding its apparent [and hefty] nature.
1. Effective planning
Every Institution across the country has its own activities, planned for the semester, and so must students do, as as to guide their days on campus.
As students, (we) should equally value our time and plan our timings that will effectively suit ourselves, academics and social life.
This era of technology has led to emergence of downloadable Applications such as SplenDo, which have been designed to help people plan theirs tasks for onward execution. [You can try it out!]
Funnily, students might be tempted to drop off their initial plans for the semester, but a good heart of patience and discipline will help us overpower these temptations.
Reminder: A poor or ineffective planning will graciously waste your time on campus.
2. Build healthy relationships
Students should consider building good networks next semester, and it’s very necessary.
Elizabeth Duodu, a close friend at the Ghana Institute of Journalism will jokingly say; “Patrick! I wouldn’t wait nor search for you after class because of how you delay and spend about thirty (30) – forty (40) minutes to greet and say hello to all the people you meet after class.”
Elizabeth is right! I spend time as she puts it, and not just waste it. It’s kinda usual for me to build relationships everyday.
Truly! Truly!! I’m building and expanding my horizons as Nyonator Edem would like to put it, as I prepare to face the outside world.
There’s no need for students to adopt an ‘antisocial’ sort of lifestyle while on campus, as most of them will prefer to throng out of campus right after class.
Open up! Spend some good time and socialize with the ‘new faces’ you meet almost everyday on campus, less, you’ll end up finding it difficult to speak to your colleagues who could be of great help to you someday.
But heyy! It doesn’t mean that you should be-friend people anyhow, a case of [“self put-put.”]
Make friends with people who exert influence; Those who can impact positively in your life and its vice-versa.
Note that; A simple handshake or a well crafted Hello could start a healthy friendship.
Don’t avoid people, kindly tolerate everyone, for you might not know your helper tomorrow.
3. Read and boost your GPA
The ultimate aim of every student in school is to read and make good grades, which I concur perfectly.
Students need to work extra hard to boost their GPA for next semester and beyond.
Students shouldn’t be saddened even if they’ve already failed over some courses the previous semesters, they can still make it. It boils down on [they] gathering themselves with much enthusiasm so as to achieve something great next semester.
Students should draw a compelling study timetable, attend lectures [regularly and punctually], form study groups with colleagues, and also participate actively in group and/or classs activities.
It is likely and easily for students to fall off should they pay less attention to their books.
4. Have fun and explore
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!
As a student, it is important to read every day, but then, please take some time off your busy schedules and have fun in the course of the semester. Fun, that wouldn’t lead you into trouble, I mean.
You could consider spending some time at the Cinema, Stadium, Beach, or probably visit places such as the Stadium, Parliament and any other nice places.
Exploring great places around you and going on excursions will certainly help release/reduce stress at the end of the day.
5. Attend workshops and seminars
It’ll be ‘disastrous’ for students not to attend any organised seminar or workshops on campus, as we tend to miss a lot upon our refusals to partake in them.
Most at times, organizers of these seminars do invite seasoned speakers and personalities to engage with the student populace. They try their very to encourage students and also suggest ways to help them achieve greatness in life.
Well, what do you think will happen if you don’t attend such programs?
Moreover, students shouldn’t just attend programmes held in air-conditioned rooms for attending sake. They should spend some money, and pick a certificate of participation, which is capable of enriching their Curriculum Vitae at a long run.
Importantly, students shouldn’t only limit the attendance to seminars and/or workshops organised only on campus, but [they] attending those organised outside their campuses could be of great benefit to them.
6. Partake in Extra curricular activities
“Don’t be in a haste to leave campus at a given moment.”
In this regard, I entreat students to consider engaging themselves in school activities on Campus next semester!
One can partake in student leadership and/or politics, join an vibrant club of interest, work with a Campus Radio, play an active role in a school’s debate, choir group or even the sports team.
Alternatively, students can empower [themselves] in learning a vocation or a skill when the semester begins.
As students partake in these activities, they’ll certainly get the opportunity to meet and share ideas with other great people.
7. Avoid trouble
Over time, my colleagues laugh off anytime I tell them to stay out of trouble. They’ll be like “Nambe! But you know I’m not troublesome, how can I fall into trouble?”
Yes! It’s true, you might not be troublesome, buy you still need to stay out of trouble.
Most at time, we forget that, [we] could fall into trouble at anytime, even, during bedtime without approaching not planning for it.
As the popular parlance explains; “Trouble doesn’t embrace man, man rather embraces”, so there’s a need for everyone to stay out of [trouble] the very moment it tries to show its ugly.
Let’s not give in to [any form of] unnecessary pressures, nor kowtow to any calculated attempts, which is likely to dent our integrity or reputation.
As a student, do your very best to cut down from friends who aren’t interested in your well-being nor lead you to the right path.
People [not just students] need to understand that, being in trouble wouldn’t only waste their time and energy, but, it is equally capable of ‘killing’ their self-esteem and the little reputation they’ve gained overtime, most especially, when [their] followers get to know about how troublesome they are.
In summation, we [as students] must be alert at times and be circumspect with our stay on campus next semester.
And I’m positive that, this piece will be or great help to all and sundry.
Do you like this piece, feel free to comment on it, and also get your friends to read it.
Thanks a lot for reading!
Submitted By: Nambe Patrick (A sophomore student at the Ghana Institute of Journalism).

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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