Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku Writes: Preparations Towards Brong Ahafo Music Awards Was Woefully Inadequate; Stop Blaming Others

Many people are shocked about why the maiden edition of the Brong Ahafo Music Awards (BAMA) did not come off as planned.

I think preparations towards the event was woefully inadequate…and the organizers and their sympathizers should stop blaming others.

According to J Black Code Events (the organizers of the Brong Ahafo Music Awards), all the Members of Parliament in the region refused to support them—after they sent them an official notice concerning the event.

You do not travel—when you do not have enough money to pay for your transportation…who does that?

My question is, would they [the organizers] have put the information of the MPs failure to support them if the event came off successfully as they planned?

This is not the time for blame games. I hope they know their weaknesses as organizers…so they should try and work on it.

Again, I know they have invested money, time and other resources into this project…but pointing fingers at others is not the solution.

Imagine Charter House lamenting that they were unable to come up with an event because the Ghanaian government did not support them.

If we have to dig deeper, then what happened to the ‘Biegya Bitters’ sponsorship?
The truth is, once you have a headline sponsor, many people will feel reluctant to help because you are not running a charity project.

Why was publicity so poor in the capital city, Sunyani— where they award night was to take place? You cannot have a headline sponsor for your event and go round begging radio stations for free promotion.

I always say there is nothing free or pro bono service in showbiz. When you plan to come up with an event, try and prepare very well. If you do not have a strong financial backbone—do not start it. Once you have conceived an idea, there is no need for you to rush and fail. I do not think this is a failure though.

It is time for the organisers to take advice and fill out all the loopholes in their organization. They should not put it in their mind that the people hate the idea—and are unwilling to support.
Anybody who wants to have a successful event surrounds him/her with experience and well-connected individuals who can help push the agenda.

It doesn’t cost to reach out to the right people. Consultation is a vital tool when it comes to event organization.

Let us do away with the mindset that people in the Brong Ahafo Region do not support their own. Sometimes, It is shocking when people rants that, B/A does not support their own, Meanwhile, those ranting or singing this chorus do not like their own too.

When the right things are done, I think the people will be happy to throw their weights behind.

Many people will attest that some activities for the event were sometimes cancelled or rescheduled. When it happens like that, People will begin to question your credibility.

Brong Ahafo Music Awards (BAMA) was a nice initiative, so the organizers should put the right mechanisms in place and make it happen.

Brong Ahafo deserves better!!!

About Me:

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku is a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer with interest in Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle News and also sharing my opinion on subjects that would facilitate the development of my community/Country. I say it how it supposes to be said…devoid of bias and partiality. Objectivity and Fairness is my hallmark.

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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