Surprise Your Husbands With Gifts And Pamper Them – Marriage Counsellor

A renowned marriage counsellor, Lady Reverend Dr Charlotte Oduro has advised women to surprise their husbands with gifts.

She stressed that women pampering their husbands will make their union a healthy one.


“We married women we help ooo, sometimes take your husband out, surprise him with a car. It makes the home beautiful and it makes that man proud because he knows that when he’s not there, you can take care of the children,” she said on Hitz FM.

She further stated that marriage demands a lot of sacrifices no matter how the challenges may be.

“Make sure he dresses well, make sure he’s always ok, marriage needs a lot of sacrifices, women we need to do this. Men have got ego, that is how they are, but you can change it, women need to submit, no matter what, men are the heads of families, giving him that respect doesn’t mean you are a fool. When he comes home, give him food to eat and make love to him. Let’s stop the fight of asking who did you talk to, where did you go, it’s getting to a point where we have grown. Women grow and stop being suspicious, whoever calls is not your business, do your part as a woman in the home, and that is it,” Dr Charlotte Oduro advised.


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