“No More Trial And Errors With Us In The Choice Of Ministers” – Ola Michael Tells President Akufo-Addo

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Vocal Ghanaian radio show host and entertainment critic, Ola Kwaku Michael has stated that the era of trial and errors should come to an end when selecting the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

In a post on Facebook, Ola pleaded with President Akufo-Addo to re-appoint Catherine Afeku as the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts.

He believes the former Minister created a vibrant ministry before she was replaced by Barbara Oteng Gyasi.

Ola Michael pointed out that Madam Afeku created a vibrant ministry and she was also a go-getter.

Interestingly, Ola Michael was part of the people who asked for the removal of Catherine Afeku as the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts some years ago.

Read his full statement below.



I don’t like this woman called Catherine Ablema Afeku. She lied about me taking loan(GHS 2000) from her at the ministry of tourism Arts and culture when she was a minister. When I have not done such thing before.

I was perhaps a harsh critic on while she occupied the office as minister for tourism, arts and culture. She didn’t get few things right and yes, of course, she made several unguided decisions which made some of us very furious with her.

In 2016 when the NPP was campaigning, led by candidate Akufo Addo, there was a diurnal mantra that ran across all their lips: WE HAVE THE MEN!

After winning power in 2016, I have been particularly disappointed with the missing of those men they made so much noise about. Esp when it comes to the Tourism, Arts and Cultural industries.

The NPP also failed woefully in delivering on their campaign promises to our sector. Albeit they had few successes that were not part of what they promised. I am a politician but I can not lie about that.

We fought for Catherine to be removed. Hon Barbara Oteng Gyasi was brought in. Well that woman I have maintained , and reiterating, came to just occupy space just like any other “Matter” (anything that has weight and can occupy space).

I think as an industry, we should be tired of the trial and errors that we have been bedeviled with. No more trial and errors with us in the choice of ministers. #btingbackcatherine

If the President should appoint a new face for the ministry, the person will also take about two years to understand the space, like all others have done before. In trying to understand the space, that person will either frustrate us the more or we will frustrate him/her.

We don’t need a new face for the ministry Mr. President. No more trials. Amongst the two who have occupied the ministry, I think Catherine far outweighs Hon Oteng Gyasi.

Catherine made the ministry vibrant. She was a go-getter. She was willing to get all on board, only that it came late in the time.

Catherine made lots of mistakes, yes! I never liked most of the things she did and how she did them, both politically and non-pilitically ,YES! But it will be very unrealistic and unfair for me to say she never achieved anything good for the ministry and the industries .

I’m sure she has learnt from her mistakes by now. I am sure , coupled with the fact that she lost her seat at the constituency level, will make a lot of time for the industry. I am also sure , that she will have a helluva of shock to see this coming from her sworn enemy- me!

I don’t care what she thinks of me. I still don’t like her, that fact is undenied. But for the sake of our industry’s progress, she is the best pick for us. She has been there before. She will not be new. There will be no time for trials and mistakes because she knows who we are now.

Like I have said, we don’t need new faces now for that ministry. It will go against us and stifle still our progress. Now that we as tourism, arts and cultural industries have become very vibrant and vociferous, we need no one less of Catherine to complement it.

I am not an NPP member. I am praying so hard that the election petition goes against the NPP.

But as it is now, let’s #bringbackcatherine

My opinion for the love of the industry, this time putting politics aside.




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