Selly Galley Makes An Insightful Comment About Marriage After Yvonne Nelson’s Statement On People Marrying With Hidden Agendas

Ghanaian actress, Selly Galley has made an insightful comment about marriage.

Her comment was on the heels of a recent statement made by Yvonne Nelson.

Yvonne said in a Twitter post that people nowadays go into marriage with hidden agendas.

“In marriage, everyone has an agenda. Society told us otherwise. Our parents told us otherwise. Our church told us otherwise,” she wrote.

Rebutting Yvonne’s post, Selly said people should not enter into marriage with hidden agendas.

She stated that Yvonne Nelson’s opinion about marriage is misleading.

Selly Galley further talked about the benefit of marriage if people show genuine love and sacrifices.

“Yvonne’s idea of marriage is solely her opinion. It is misleading to generalize this thought. YOU DO NOT enter into marriage with an agenda! When the love and affection is genuine on both sides everything else is added unto you, at God’s perfect timing too. Marriage is two people wanting to be together and to grow together at their own pace and ability. Supporting each other through it all.

“It is an institution with so much blessings from the universe. This opinion of Yvonne is not the situation of everyone. True love and happy marriages still do exist. Don’t let social media deceive you. Those who are doing it for show are the ones that dirty themselves on social media when it fails. No marriages come without challenges. They are to be eventually solved and moved on. There are happy marriages without children, without mass wealth. There are so many happy, peaceful families out there. So many. It’s based on respect, sacrifices, genuine care for each other, friendship, facing challenges together and most importantly being able to move forward after disagreements,” she averred.

Selly Galley added: “Let’s rather encourage couples putting in the effort and stop concentrating on only the ones who are in it for the show. Let’s be careful not to promote promiscuity by talking down on the institution of marriage.”

Yvonne Nelson and Selly Galley

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