Physiotherapy Association Denies Claims That D0ggy Style Can Lead To Stroke

The Ghana Physiotherapy Association has denied claims that d0ggy style can lead to stroke.

A few days ago, a Health Expert stated in a discussion on GTV that d0ggy style can give a stroke.

“There are certain positions that cause more damage to the spine. Positions like the d0ggy, in fact, the d0ggy is not good for the lady. The lady will have to bend on her waist, which will put more strain on the waist.

“With the man, when you are doing this activity, it is equivalent to running around a 5000-kilometre marathon, it’s very long, and it’s not a small journey. So you see, you have to be standing and when standing, the blood flow to the active parts is higher,” he said.

The health expert added: “When you are engaged in s€xual activities, blood flow to the penis is also very, very, important. That means the heart pumps more blood to the penis and to the legs which can in a way give you a stroke.

“In the middle of the doggy, you can get a stroke. The position we advocate for is possibly the missionary but then others will say ‘Ohhh that’s not fun to experience and that is the best way to have s€x.”

But in a statement has seen, the Ghana Physiotherapy Association stated that there is no evidence that se€ positions can cause a stroke.

“There is no evidence to support this claim. Physiotherapists over the world believe in Evidence-based Practice,” part of the statement read.

They also advised the public to “disregard the claim.”

The statement called for circumspection to avoid misinformation when discussing such issues.

The Ghana Physiotherapy Association further admonished the public to “seek the advice of certified and qualified physiotherapists on such matters.”

Read the full statement below.

Doggy style

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