Eating Too Much ‘Momoni’, ‘Kako’ And ‘Koobi’ Can Cause Harm To Your Kidney – Dietician Warns

A dietician has warned Ghanaians about the dangers that the eating of (stinking fish) momoni, kako and koobi can pose.

Forzia Baidoo, a dietician at the Meridian Medical Centre, cautioned that eating too much momoni, kako and koobi is not healthy.

She explained that they are salty and frequent conception of them can lead to kidney diseases.

“There are certain foods that we do eat in Ghana here like the putrefied fishes, the ones we call momoni, kako, and koobi. They are all high in salt, so when you are consuming them, try to consume them in minimal amounts. They add flavour to the food but they do not add any nutrition to the food. They are dangerous flavours and cause a lot of harm to the kidney,” the dietician said in a GBC Ghana Online report that came across.

“Kidney disease does not present symptoms at the beginning unless you’ve lost up to 90% of your kidney function before you begin to see signs,” Forzia Baidoo revealed.

The dietician further advised Ghanaians to eat a balanced diet which includes fruits and vegetables, legumes, animal and plant protein foods, and also drink a lot of water to stay healthy.

Dangers of eating Momoni - Kako and Koobi

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