We Don’t Give Our Own People The Chance – Mohammed Polo Questions The Preference For Foreign Coaches

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Former Ghanaian international and local club football player Mohammed Polo has raised doubts about the inclination towards foreign coaches as opposed to African coaches when it comes to football.

According to the Hearts of Oak legend, African football has grown increasingly dependent on foreign managers with questionable competency to the detriment of local coaches who are deprived of opportunities.

“I am surprised we Africans still believe these white coaches are still superior to us because we don’t even trust our own; we don’t give the chance to our own,” he said on Connect FM.

Polo voiced these concerns following comments by the current coach of Hearts of Oak, Martin Koopman, who absolved himself of blame for the club’s poor start to the season, having scored only one goal in their first five games in the Ghana Premier League.

Coach Koopman insisted that the problem wasn’t novel as even the Black Stars continue to struggle to score goals.

Polo called on Coach Koopman to quit making excuses and focus on making the necessary improvements to solve the club’s current issues.

“He has to find the solution. It’s the reason why he was contracted. He started preseason and was scoring plenty of goals, and things have changed since the league started, but it doesn’t mean it is the end,” Polo asserted.

Mohammed Polo Questions Preference for Foreign Coaches
Source Agyei Kwarteng Mensah

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