Nana Akɔɔsei Releases ‘Ɛbɛfa’ And ‘Ɔdefoɔ Ahobraseɛ’ Songs – Listen Up!

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Rising and inspirational singer, Nana Akɔɔsei, has released a new song titled ‘Ɛbɛfa’ (It Shall Be Well).

For some days now, the song has been all over the place infiltrating the hearts and brains of the people, especially those who are struggling to make it to the top.

The song talks about challenges and struggles in life that eventually lead to success by the unmerited divine assistance from God. Obviously, you may have heard several songs with this title that are quite similar, but ‘Ɛbɛfa’ is a unique song with some sort of power you can’t resist. The song has a tendency to make you like it, no matter what religion you practice.

Similar to the canticle of the canticles, a good song has a lot of abstract quality, and Nana Akɔɔsei’s new songs ‘Ɛbɛfa’ and Ɔdefoɔ Ahobraseɛ (the humility of the mighty one) is no exception. The songs’ catchy verses, flawless composition, perfect lyrics and melodious sound speak for themselves from the beginning to the end.

You stand by listening to Akɔɔsei’s songs and your feelings continue to rise and simultaneously push you to continuously have faith and patience in God in all things

Touching on the Ɔdefoɔ Ahobraseɛ song, Nana Akɔɔsei’s said the life of Dr Nick Danso Abbeam of Nick Petroleum impacted and influenced him to write this song.

”Though he is a very wealthy man and highly respected in society, Dr Nick Danso Abbeam still humbles himself for everyone irrespective of your background.”

Nana Akɔɔsei advised the youth to be humble and lead a life of sincerity and determination in order to climb to the top.

Enjoy the songs below.

Nana-Akɔɔsei-Ɛbɛfa [Download]
Download [Download]
Nana-Akɔɔsei-Ɔdefoɔ-Ahobraseɛ [Download]
Download [Download]
Nana Akɔɔsei - Ɔdefoɔ Ahobraseɛ

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