Nkechi was a student in community secondary school, Abina; Ikwo L.G.A;

Ebonyi state, Nigeria. When she was admitted into the school, she met

Emeka who is an orphan. He approached Nke for relationship.

After the

negotiation, they started cohabitting. When mr. Eze (Mathematics

master) realized that Nke and Emi were eye and nose, he victimized

them. He accused Emeka of stealing his two hundred naira.

As a poor lover,Emeka could not

afford the money. When he was reported to the Principal, he denied the

allegation. After much dialogue, the principal verdicted and convicted

Emeka. He expelled him from the school. Seeing what was going on, Nke

quitted the school. In

other to earn a living, Emeka traveled to Lagos. After staying without

Emi for three months, Nke traveled to Lagos to sort him. When she


Lagos, she loitered which led to her arrest. This was because the

Lagos state Government warned against loitering. In the station (the

police station), She found Emeka in the prison. She rushed to kiss

him. When Emi saw

Nke, he slumbered for surprise. Nke screamed "Oh my God. Take my life

instead". The policemen were flabbergasted by the spectacle. They were

thrown off-balance. They rushed Emeka to the medical department of the

station. After much resuscitative efforts, the ghost maintained its

personality. The final air was blown by the lung of Emeka.

As the news flies

its wings, Nke got the heart breaking irony. She held her breath for

long and lost consciousness. The police were stranded. They were

baffled by the incidence. They also took her to the same department

but a different ward. Nkechi later survived by a chance. The


was applauded for her virtues.

In a week after the demise of Emi, Nke

started suffering her fate. She had no option than to commit suicide.

She did it in order to free herself from anxiety. Love remains her

reason of agony. This was because she vowed never to go alone without

Emeka. In heaven, Emeka

stands with The Almighty. He was not allowed access to heaven. This

was because Nke died because of him. He was sent back to the earth.

Before he could complete his journey to the earth, his remains was

about to be deposited into the permanent mortuary. He reclaimed it and

came back to live. His first comment is "where is Nke?" Every thing

was narrated to him. He had no option than to resign for fate. He

shouted "Oh! Nke, why did you leave me? Come and take me with you. Am

ready to die for you to live." After the cry, he died. He was accepted


heaven because he has died for the same girl who died for him. Both

parents prayed for the tragic couple to see one another in heaven.

They urged God to wed them.


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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