I’m the best hip-hop performer in Ghana – Edem

When you're one of the most successful artists

of your generation, a time comes when you need

to innovate. And just like some of his illustrious

predecessors did in their heyday, Over Again

hitmaker, Edem, says he's adding a live band to

his repertoire.

Drawing his inspiration from the likes of

Abrantie Amakye Dede, Kojo Antwi, Bessa Simons

and other highlife artists that have endowed

Ghana's rich musical history, Edem reveals that

this is a new step in his career and says he's

assembled a group of bandsmen he hopes will

take his music to the next level.

Brimming with confidence and enthusiasm,

Edem says he's more than excited about his new

project and let out a small secret that will

certainly excite his fans. "I'm also learning to

play some instruments," he says, "And I can't

wait for people to see me playing an instrument

live. It might be a piano, guitar or whatever".

Asked why he has decided to play live at this

point in his career, Edem says he feels it will

give his image a facelift, a new appeal and a new


Barring all the difficulties associated with

keeping and maintaining a live band in mind, the

Nyonuviade rapper and Dzodze native plans to

be more strategic with how he uses his band.

"It's not every show that I'll be performing live

but most of the strategic shows that are live

band oriented like Ghana Music Awards for

example. I feel that I can do better with live

band than a lot of people because I'm the best

hip-hop performer in the country, and once I

roll out and I start performing live it has to

continue. I'll try and see if I can add traditional

instruments like the local drums that I'd rap

over and take this to a totally new creative


Commenting on what different thing his band

would bring to the music scene, he said:

"Because I'm a purely hiphop artist, most of my

songs are rap songs but I want to infuse hiphop

with live band music and do it effectively.

"People shouldn't think that it's only soldiers

and highlife artists that can do live band music.

With the kind of consistency my musichas

achieved since my first album, people should

know that this is something I'm going to do on a

highly professional level."

Edem divulged that he has named the band

Volta Regime Music Group (VRMG) band and says

he wants his fans and people in general to

associate his band with his music brand like it

pertains in other countries. "In time, as an

artist, I want to be identified with my band as

pertains in other countries where some artists

can be identified with their bands. This is what

the old very classic highlife artists used to do,"

he told Showbiz.

The next plan, according to Edem, is to conquer

Africa with his band in tow. He sees the next

five years as an opportunity to grow his brand

and his band to continental renown.

"Within five years, the Edem brand is supposed

to be found on the African continent and by this

I mean visibility in Kenya, Zimbabwe, South

Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania and efforts are already

being made in that direction."

In his final words, he said he would be releasing

his new album titled Books and Rhymes very

soon and thanked fans and well wishers for

supporting his career. "And I have a lot of major

international collaborations on my album so

they should look out for it also," he said.

[Delali Sika|Ghanaweb]

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