Ghana Needs A by Force Development; The Mind-Set of Ghanaians Requires an Alteration

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The ideology of Ghanaians must be
change in order to reach our developmental goals, isn’t it?
The sickness that hinders a great
nation endowed with all sorts of natural resources to still solicit for funds
from foreign donors clearly indicate that the thinking cup of majority of
Ghanaians and our leaders needs an alteration.
Our-actions and in-actions evidences
who truly we are—and it baffles me how we overlook an important issues and
treat them with pettiness—instead of putting things at their rightful place.
I recall the way and manner a group
of individuals who are ‘in bed with’ the ruling NDC party launched an attack on
the Ghana Medical Association during their nationwide strike.
I am not saying the strike was in a
good taste for the ordinary Ghanaian who may find it difficult to afford a
three square meal a day, all what the GMA were seeking for was a positive dialogue
from those in authority but they were rather backing their party foot soldiers
to rain insults on this embattled doctors—they waited for people to die before
they thought of settling this with our noble doctors. So if we can take
positive actions then why should we delay for calamity to befall us before we
think of doing the right thing?
Our leaders have failed us and I
think it is time for we the future leaders to put them on their butt—we need
not wait for them to collapse everything before we come to struggle after they
are dead and gone—of which the burden will hang on our neck.
Putting our leaders on their butt
doesn’t mean we should insult them, fight them, or by pointing guns at their
face like we see in some part of the world.
Arise Ghana Youth for our dear
nation, this is here we belong and have no where else to go—let’s come together
and build our own.
Let’s prove to the world that we are
matured enough not to use guns to settle our differences or in championing a
Ghanaian leaders knows how to waste
money but lack the requisite of creating an avenue that will earn us
money—since from President Nkrumah’s regime to President Mahama’s
administration; it is Ghana that become the losing side due to their uncaring
contracts or dealings that the broke with foreigners.
Our Mother Ghana is brooking with a
discovered virus called Acquired Immune Create/Loot and Share which affects the
minds of people who allow themselves to be influence in the name of
corruption—substantive governments over the years vowed to fight against this
canker but it is still dwelling with us and standing strong like the rock of
I think the fight against corruption
in Ghana should start from our various homes, churches and workplaces to ensure
a corruption free and a safety environment.
It is a huge threat to any country
that corruption is reining higher at their quarters.
Do you know the most enviable
positions for the Unemployment Graduate Associations in the country is to hop
into politics?
Yes, because the only requirement
that you will need to fill that vacant position is knowing how to execute the
propaganda machine gun loaded with liars and cheating—then there you go!
We all know the fixing of Ghana or
the development of Ghana is a shared and collective responsibility which every
Ghanaian has a part to play but not until our greedy politicians changes their
mind and begins to think about the well-being of every individual. 
There this saying which says “Rome
was not built in a day” indeed, it wasn’t built in a day but have we ask the
thinking capacity of those people who were building Rome?
It is never too late for us to begin
again and make Ghana to work again—Yes We Can! Only if you change your mind and
I also do same.
People have this view that it is a
curse to live on our shores due to hardship—but I think we created that curse
ourselves and not God, as some Men of God will put it.
Little drop of water they say makes
a mighty ocean, so you and I coming together to practice positivity in our
daily activities will surely heighten the development of our dear nation. 
God Bless Our Home Land Ghana, And
Help Us To Change Our Mindsets.

Written by: Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku – a Ghanaian Broadcast

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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