Asem condemns media reports that states he looks sick

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Ghanaian rap artist and CEO of WBDN records Asem has referred to media reports that he looks sickening as defamatory and non factual. Virtually a week ago, the artist who has stayed away from the media for a long while posted a picture of himself looking slim causing several people to ask questions as to what could be wrong with the artist. Asem The artist took to twitter to voice his frustration at the reportage which seems to be fast spreading on most websites.  

Been working hard in the gym to loose this weight and gain fitness for showbiz only for… http://t.co/TAnD9x8zZM — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

Some entertainment journalist / bloggers in gh write anything defamatory they want to drive traffic to the detriment of Artists #Aintgonlie — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

The story on @peacefmonline is non factual, info about picture taken in London is false, I was in Los Angeles when I took that picture — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

The story made mention of me looking sickly which is also non factual n i feel its very malicious from Eugene of @peacefmonline — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

Unless maybe @peacefmonline is in possession of a doctor’s report giving them grounds to write such a story, they have explaining to do — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

The writer at @peacefmonline must have been in such a hurry to publish these set of lies that he even got the description of my shirt wrong — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

I’ve been trying 2 loose weight 4 sometime now, and if your journalistic radar is as sharp as it’s supposed 2 you would know @peacefmonline — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

But because bad mind is always looking for a negative twist, @peacefmonline puts it out there that the boy must be sick or some s… smh — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

I have been hated on and defamed by some of these journalist/bloggers including @peacefmonline from day one, it’s only by God’s grace — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

Why won’t artist also just wake up and compose songs to tell you s…, I mean what is stopping me from doing a Diss record 4 @peacefmonline — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

Cus it seems like we are in a jungle ‘obiaa y3 ne a )p3″ and because the law isn’t efficient in these parts nobody is held accountable — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

What stops you from getting some facts before publishing a story @peacefmonline?why speculate n hurt a young man’s career ? — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

I would wake up one morning and it will all over the net that im sick and not healthy, knowing how fast bad news travels @peacefmonline — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

What do I do then ? Damage control ? time and money that could have been spent doing something profitable, is it fair @peacefmonline? — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

I expect @peacefmonline to retract the story and publish an apology stating the fact as it is, with all due respect to the editor in chief — ASEM #Aintgonlie (@AsemWORLD) September 5, 2014

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