“I am not a celebrity”

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Famed screen actress, Lydia Forson is currently on a media run

promoting her self-produced movie A Letter from Adam.

In an interview with Giovani Caleb on E.TV's Late Night Celebrity Show

which airs on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.30PM, she said;"I

always tell people I'm not a celebrity but a filmmaker andan artiste."

She further noted, "I was not on a break, because I was in productions

that were released outside Ghana but moviegoers always want more

because even at the premier of A Letter from Adam people were asking

when the next one will be coming."

Adding, "a Hollywood artist can stay behind the scenes for years, and

that doesn't make that person less of an artiste but in Ghana, people

want to see you on screen all year round."

After playing several roles in Sparrow Productions' projects as a

company, she squashed the notion she had fallen out with the Shirley

Frimpong-Manso led motion house.

She indicated, "The industry is big enough for everyone and I'm an

actress and not in contract with any production house, but what is

funny is that when I was in all Sparrow Production movies, people were

complaining I didn't want to work with other production houses and now

I start doing movies with other production houses and everyone wonders

why I'm not shooting with Sparrow again."

"Who knows I might be in another Sparrow production soon? I'm an

artist," she said.

Deciding which role suits a picky actress like Lydia is simple; "I

know a script will be good or bad after reading the first few pages.

But another thing is that I do well to finish all the scripts I get

whether they are good or bad."

"However bad it is, I make sure I finish it so I can make an informed

decision. Usually from the few pages, I know this is a script I will

like to work on or not," she noted.

And like everyone, Miss Forson known widely for her award winning

performances in A Perfect Picture needs advice too;

"There are people I probably don't see or speak to on the regular,

sometimes it will take a year or two to see them but they are the

first people I call when I need advice, even though I have my mom and

other family around, it's not everything you want to tell your family.

So I have friends on standby that takes care of that."

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