Uganda: Father of Abused Child Sets Record Straight

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The video that exposed 22 year old maid Jolly Tumuhirwe torturing baby

Arnella Kamanzi is fresh on our minds and still making headlines. With

the sad and horrifying incident still as fresh, rumours have

circulated that the video was stage managed and many now doubt its


According to Uganda's Investigator, the baby's father Eric Kamanzi

made it clear that he did not want to talk about the issue as the case

was ongoing in the courts of law.

He however expressed bitterness to those claiming that he was a part

of the plot to stage-manage the sad incident.

"I do not think the people who are saying these things are parents.

Let them put up their two year olds to partake in something that

brutal," the clearly angry and traumatized father said.

It had also been noted that some of the incidents in the video do not

correspond. In the beginning, baby Arnella is shown without shoes but

she is wearing yellow shoes by the end of the video, something some

claim could have been a slip up in the stage managed recording.

Explaining the differences, Kamanzi said there is a lot not shown in

the video. It starts off capturing baby Arnella at breakfast where she

is slapped twice by the pitiless Jolly.

The second part of the video, he explained, shows Jolly at lunch; she

had just fed the two year old who got sick, attracting the kicks and

torch clobbering from the maid.

Our in house IT expert also explained that the video appears edited

and some clips must have been cut out and the parts seen compressed.

He explained that the clip would have been too large had it been left

in its original format and it is possible that the rest of the

recordings showed nothing of value to the case.

There have also been rumours that the tortured baby had passed on

after sustaining several injuries but Kamanzi, who is clearly

infuriated by the claims, confirmed that his little girl is alive and

making a steady recovery from the trauma she experienced at the hands

of the ruthless maid.

The video raised a national outcry and has also attracted

international media. It has also been a wakeup call for government and

Police who are now tightening their laws concerning domestic workers.

Tumuhirwe will appear in court on Tuesday 8th December.

Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

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