The story of a maltreated Ghanaian woman in Kuwait

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Following a revelation by the Ghana Immigration service of how about

2,000 Ghanaian women are strandedin some gulf states in search of

greener pastures, Citi News has been speaking to a victim (Maame Yaa

for the purposes of this article) of such an incident.

According to the report these women are taken by recruitment agencies

into these countries in the Gulf state and are subjected to all forms

of abuses instead of the jobs promised.

Maame Yaa is a Senior High School graduate who completed school two

years ago. She was unemployed and also couldn't attend any tertiary

institution due to lack of funds.

Maame Yaa narrated that "I was told there was a job outside there" but

when she asked the recruitment agency what kind of job it was, she was

told she "will be working at a super market."

The recruitment agency further assured her that she will enjoy good

remuneration as well as better life outside Ghana. Maame Yaa informed

her aunty who funded her travel.

Maame Yaa only got to know where she was travelling to when she got to

the airport. She said "I asked them the country I was going to but

they didn't tell me. I only got to know at the airport when they gave

me the visa, my passport and my ticket. After I read it, I realized I

was going to Kuwait."

When she arrived in Kuwait she realized she has been deceived by the

recruitment agency with regards to the kind of work she had been

recruited for. "I got there before I realized I was going to work as a

house help," Maame Yaa said.

She narrates that she immediately exhibited her displeasure at the

nature of the job to one of the agents in Kuwait called Asiedu. She

said "they didn't tell me I was coming be a house help so I asked that

they send me back to Ghana."

But Asiedu told her returning to Ghana was impossible unless her

family was willing to pay some amount of money for her return.

Maame Yaa decided to stay for a while to work for some money to aid

her return to Ghana. After being a house help for two weeks with a

Kuwait family she narrates that "One night I was there when the woman

asked me to carry some bags of rice. I told her I can't carry it.

Immediately I told her that, her small daughter slapped me. I got

angry and slapped her back."

After this incident Maame Yaa was asked to pack her belongings; she

was taken to the police station.

The Police called her agency and asked them to deport her to Ghana.

But the agency was reluctant to deport her; they needed to make some

money out of her. She said "Asiedu asked me to go back to that family

and be of good behaviour since my family will not be able to raise the

money for me to return."

The family came back for Maame Yaa again on the orders of the

recruitment agency. But according to her "I was not feeling well I

told the man (Asiedu) there he didn't even mind me. When the woman

came for me I got worse."

For the fear of Maame Yaa dying in her home, her Kuwait mistress sent

her back to the recruitment agency. At the recruitment agency she said

"They kept me in a small room over there, they don't give water, no

food, nothing."

After staying in the "small room" for close to a week she was taken to

see the boss of the agency (who is an Indian) because her condition

wasn't getting any better. It was in that office she encountered her


She said "I saw a Ghanaian man and I told him about everything."

The Ghanaian man spoke to the Indian boss of the recruitment agency to

allow him help Maame Yaa back to her country. "I met him on a Sunday

by Monday evening, the man called me and said my ticket and every

other thing was ready so I should pack my things and they will send me

to Ghana."

This was after the man had called Maame Yaa's family to inform them of

her ordeal. Maame Yaa arrived in Ghana on July 27, 2014.

According to Maame Yaa she left other girls who have similar or worse

stories Kuwait. She said "Before I left, one was pregnant the other

complained of maltreatment by the family she was working for."

Most of them want to return but have no financial means.

Maame Yaa is currently home searching for a job to raise enough funds

for the continuation of her education. She advised young people to

stay in Ghana and work.

She said "I will not encourage anyone to go there they will not tell

you what you are going to do. You will get there before realizing you

don't like the work you have been offered. Its better you stay home

and work."

Credit: Citifmonline.com

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