Kisa: I wish men will leave me alone

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She called attention to herself when her photos hit the media last

year and she described herself as a lady with "enviable curves".

But actress and musician, Kisa Gbekle, seems not to have anticipated

the backlash she has been receiving since then.

"Yes, I posted the pictures myself and stated that I was blessed with

curves that other women will do anything to possess but the fact that

I did that doesn't mean I am irresponsible", she said in an interview

with Showbiz.

"I am not a bad girl as some people are taking me to be. Sometimes,

when I go on social media, the comments are just too much. For a

couple of months now, I have been receiving messages from men, some of

whom call me all kinds of names. Others are even so blunt to ask me

how much I will take for a night. This is just too much."

Asked if she had regretted posting such pictures and creating such a

unfortunate tag for herself, she said; "no I do not regret any actions

of mine. I wasn't forced to do that, I did that out of my own will,

but that does not justify people putting me in a particular box and I

refuse to fit into that box.

If everybody is judged and stigmatized by what they put out there then

this world be a hell of aplace to live.

"That is not to say that people do not have right to express their

opinion rather they should not take advantage of someone's acts and

push them into a certain corner. How can you inbox me andask such a

question?" she added.

"We're into is showbiz and everything I put out there, is purely on

showbiz terms therefore, what we put out there is not who we are.

It is time Ghanaians get to understand that so that they do not marry

these two together. I am not a bad girl.

"Even though the release of her two singles; Twerk and Anaconda did

not make much impact, Kisa is not ready to let go of her dream of

pursuing music.

"I am not backing down with my music, I believe that there is time for

everything, I love music and the fact that I didn't make headlines

with these songs doesn't mean I will give up. I am currently working

on another single which will hit the market soon."

Movies Kisa has featured include Accra Runs, 8PM, The Will, Accra

Hustler and The Miser TV series.

Kisa started acting in secondary school in various stage dramas

andaccording to her, she always came out as the best actress in such

school programmes.

Upon completion, she joined the Volta Regional Theatre group and

gradually learned the ropes of the profession. From there, she

enrolled into Ghallywood Academy and completed as one of the overall

best students.

Source: graphic.com.gh

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