Marital, Dating, And Cheating Issues Leading To Mental Health Battles For Several Women – Mental Health Coordinator Reveals

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The Mental Health Coordinator for the Bono Region, Dr. Joseph Yere has revealed that dating and marital issues are primary contributors to the mental struggles of most women.

During an interview with‘s Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku on Unlimited Chat with K.O.K. on Top City TV, Dr. Yere revealed that in 2022, the highest number of reported mental health conditions in the region were among women, with marital problems, dating issues, and infidelity identified as the primary underlying factors.

“As it stands, if you look at the total attendance of individuals who presented with mental health problems, the majority of them were women. Some of the main issues responsible for these mental health conditions are marriage problems, relationship issues, and cheating.

Sometimes some of these women are promised marriage and end up investing their everything into it, then get disappointed in the end. This triggers them strongly and can put them in a very terrible place. Without some degree of strength, people who face such issues become susceptible to mental distress which can lead to further mental problems,” he said.

In addition to urging government support to assist patients battling various mental conditions in the region, Dr. Yere also appealed to the public to desist from resigning all mental problems to spiritual attacks.

He explained that medical attention should first be sought when an individual shows signs of a mental issue before the illness deteriorates even if that is supplemented with prayer.

Watch the interview below:

Source Agyei Kwarteng Mensah

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