Over 40 Ghanaians Jailed In Nigeria Over QNet Fraud Call For Help From Ghanaian Authorities

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Forty-one (41) Ghanaians who were convicted last year in Nigeria for engaging in fraudulent activities with e-commerce company QNet are appealing to authorities in Ghana to come to their assistance.

These individuals were arrested for using the direct selling company to defraud people of huge sums of money under the false pretense of providing them with job opportunities.

They were convicted by the Obaga Ikeja-Lagos Magistrate Court and slapped with a six-year sentence with hard labor each, as reported by the New Publisher.

According to their accounts, they themselves had fallen prey to QNet fraudsters and kidnappers who lured them into Nigeria, held them hostage, and compelled them to defraud others as well.

21-year-old Esther Agyemang, one of those imprisoned who is currently serving her term, speaking on Kumasi-based Angel FM gave accounts of how several of her counterparts became victims of the fraudulent schemes. She also said that the court gave them no room to defend themselves and called on Ghanaian authorities to step in to ensure they get justice.

“I am appealing to Ghanaian authorities to come to our aid because we do not have anyone to talk for us. We are over 40 Ghanaians who were jailed by the Ikeja-Lagos Magistrate Court. I have already served one year of my sentence and so have my colleagues, but things are very tough, though we are innocent,” she bemoaned.

QNet fraudsters have been a subject of interest in the past few years for their illegal business of siphoning huge sums from people in Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, and many other countries.

Ghanaian police in 2021 cracked down on several of these agents and their recruits in Koforidua in the Eastern Region and cautioned the public to be on the lookout for their activities.

Source Agyei Kwarteng Mensah

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