My Comments On Yvonne Nelson’s Book Were Harmless; I Was Just Sharing My Opinion – Victoria Lebene

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Ghanaian actress Victoria Lebene has solidified her stance on comments she made about fellow actress Yvonne Nelson.

It would be recalled that in June, Yvonne Nelson released a tell-all book detailing significant experiences in her life, including her search for her biological father, her pregnancy with rapper Sarkodie, and the subsequent abortion.

Victoria Lebene, however, chided Yvonne Nelson for the memoir, suggesting that Yvonne was portraying herself as a saint by revealing personal secrets in her book. She said not every story and experience should be made public.

In a sit-down interview on UTV’s ATUU program which was monitored by Newshuntermag.com, Victoria Lebene insisted that her comments shouldn’t have been taken personally, as she was just sharing her “harmless” opinion and didn’t deserve to be blamed. She added that she had tried to make peace with Yvonne Nelson on multiple occasions but was ignored.

“That message I wrote wasn’t targeted at her. It was just an opinion. When the book came out, everybody had something to say…We’ve had a few encounters where she’s not happy and all that. I’ve even tried to appeal to her to let it go. I even tried to get in touch but she didn’t open up,” she stated.

She reiterated that she is entitled to her opinions just like everybody else.

“So if everyone talks, am I not allowed to speak too? I just shared my opinion. I still stand by what was said. It’s harmless, at least for me. Maybe it wouldn’t sit well with others. I have nothing against all that she wrote; that is her business…I do advocacy, so when I feel the need to share my opinions, I don’t think that I should be castigated for that,” she said.

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