Ada lied – Hotel owner speaks

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“Ada came together with her four friends to book the hotel room and
after they had finished with whatever they were doing, all the five of
them moved out together conversing and laughing.”

DAILY GUIDE investigations have uncovered the hotel where the supposed
Ada rape cum kidnapping drama involving a Takoradi based YFm radio
presenter, Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka aka Princess Ada, was staged.

The hotel, Joeregi, is located at the heart of the Abossey Okai spare
parts market in Accra, across the Central Mosque along the Old Fadama

The building, which is on top of some retail stores, can be found along
the Obetsebi Lamptey roundabout, Korle- Bu mortuary road. The owner and
manager of Joeregi hotel, I.J. Frimpong, spoke to DAILY GUIDE and
insisted that there was no rape or kidnapping since Ada and her friends
all walked in happily and left peacefully.

Hotel Owner’s Version

Mr Frimpong told DAILY GUIDE why he rented out the hotel room to Ada and her gang and what really happened.

He narrated that early Monday morning, April 13, 2015, Ada, three young men and another lady came to book a room for half day.

“Initially, I refused to rent the room out to them because per Ghana
tourism laws, five people are not allowed to sleep in one hotel room.
But they told me that they just needed the place to act a movie and that
was even the main reason why they just wanted it for half day. So I
booked Room One for them,” Frimpong said.


A few hours later, he saidhe saw one of the three boys holding a knife and he asked him where he was taking it to.

“The man told me that they wanted to use it in acting the movie but I did not allow him to enter the room with the knife.

“Immediately I took the knife from him and told him that if they wanted
to use knife then they should come outside and do it,” he narrated.

According to Mr Frimpong, at about 11:30 am, Ada and her four friends
came out of the room and one of them told him (Frimpong) that they were
done with their movie so they were leaving.

The hotel owner said they then took a taxi in front of the hotel and
left, adding, “Immediately they left, I asked my bar tender to check the
room. After checking, he told me that he saw beer and other alcoholic
drink bottles on the floor.”

Policemen Visit Hotel

Mr Frimpong said he was at the facility the following day when
policemen stormed the place with one of the young men who came to rent
the room with Ada whom they identified as Nelson Williams aka Iddrisu.

“One of the policemen told me that the young man had been arrested for
kidnapping and raping one lady called Ada, and the pictures of the act
had been posted on various websites,” Mr Frimpong said, and that the 18-
year-old young man pointed out to them that Ada’s alleged rape incident
took place at his hotel, Joeregi.

Mr Frimpong said he became shocked to the marrow when he heard the
story, since “nothing of that sought happened when they were here.”

He therefore claimed to have told the police that “Ada came together
with her four friends to book the hotel room and after they had finished
with whatever they were doing, all the five moved out together
conversing and laughing.

“If the lady claims she was raped why she didn’t report at the nearest
police station rather than go all the way to Takoradi,” he quizzed,
stating further, “The lady is lying and I think something is wrong with
her. If she is normal, then why would she post her naked pictures on the

He therefore advised the police to investigate the matter properly to ascertain the truth, reiterating that Ada was not raped.


News broke on Tuesday that the YFm presenter, Princess Ada, had gone
missing for days with her whereabouts unknown, sending shock waves among
her employers, colleagues, family and friends.

Some pictures of her emerged later in which she was seen in postures
that created the impression she had been kidnapped and was being raped,
as she had been held down stark naked with some young men sexually
assaulting her.

She was later found and sent to a hospital in Takoradi where she was being treated.

But it later came out after police preliminary investigations that the
entire episode was staged by the radio presenter and her accomplices.

Ada In Hospital

The YFm radio presenter has since been transferred from the hospital in
Takoradi to the Police Hospital in Accra where she has been handcuffed
and under a 24-hour police watch.

According to a police source, Ada was pretending to be seriously sick and could not even talk but all was a ruse.

Police say she needs mental examination before her statement is taken.
ASP Tengeh, Regional Police Public Relations Officer, said the
circumstances surrounding the alleged ordeal make a mental examination
important before her yet-to-be-taken official statement can be given
credibility. Meanwhile, anxious Ghanaians patiently wait to see the
outcome of the unfolding drama.

Credit: Dailyguideghana.com

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