The Bad Blood Is Too Much! – Bullgod Reacts To Shatta Wale’s Attack on Stonebwoy Over Stadium Booking Feud

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Ghanaian artiste manager Bullgod has responded to Shatta Wale’s recent verbal attack on Stonebwoy over a misunderstanding concerning the booking of the Accra Sports Stadium for their concerts in December.

In a live video on Facebook on Tuesday, September 20, Shatta Wale spared no words in berating fellow dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy, threatening him to cross his path at his own risk.

He claimed Stonebwoy intended to sabotage his Freedom Wave Concert planned for December 25 at the Accra Sports Stadium by booking his Bhim Concert around the same time on December 22, also at the sports stadium.

In the live Video, Shatta used unprintable language to express his outrage at Stonebwoy, threatening to slap and kick him if he ever saw him.

Meanwhile, the Director General of the National Sports Authority, responding to the misunderstanding on the same day, said neither of the artists had secured the location yet even though they had both requested it and were going through due process.

In a discussion on the United Showbiz, Bullgod bemoaned what he described as a pointless tension that continues to exist between the two artists and expressed his disappointment at how the latter especially turned the recent matter into insults and threats.

“I think the bad blood is too much. The bad blood among us as entertainment people is not a good thing. I have booked the stadium a lot of times for work. In the past when you booked for a day, you were given a half day to do the setup. For instance, if you booked for 24 hours, you were given 12 hours to do the setup. You were usually allowed to come in 12 hours before your fixed time. If that regulation still stands, then there is no need for all the things we heard,” he said.

He, however, lauded Stonebwoy for maintaining his calm despite the verbal attacks and urged Shatta to learn to communicate his misgivings better.

“I think we are in an era where things have changed. Those open confrontations are no longer necessary. I commend Stonebwoy for behaving maturely. If Stonebwoy had wanted to also respond to all of Shatta’s rants, it wouldn’t have helped matters. Some of the things Shatta said are needless. He has to know how to communicate otherwise it could bring problems for him. It’s tiring sometimes that we still engage in some of these things, especially in 2023,” he added.

Bullgod Condems Shatta Wale's Attacks On Stonebwoy Over Stadium Booking Misunderstanding
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