They Want Me Dead- Van Vicker

reports started spreading yesterday

morning that reigning

Actor of the Year Van Vicker was involved in a

life threatening accident on his way to church

on Sunday.

"Gollywood/Nollywood actor Van Vicker had a

very terrible accident this morning on his way

to church. He's suffering from internal

bleeding gushing out through the mouth, the

doctors said he may lose his life but we do not

agree. Let us pray; O Lord we join hands today

and decree that you save his life today, we

believe that you can heal him in the mighty

name of Jesus. Please type 'Amen' if you wish

him quick recovery", was the report put out on

a facebook page belonging to the name 'Nadia


The page, that has over 6400 followers, has

the photos of Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari

and says it is the "The ONLY official Facebook

page of award winning African movie star,

Nadia Buari."

Fans of Van Vicker who saw the post started

praying for him and wishing him a speedy

recovery throughout the day while the report

continued to spread fast on social media.

Some of them even called NEWS-ONE to verify

the report, prompting the paper to place a

phone call to Van Vicker's phone to find out

his condition.

"These people have speculated my death

more than 10 times. I do not know what

they want but it could be they just want

me dead. They can't kill me. I am not even

in the country so how can anyone say I had

an accident on my way to church this

morning. Chief, just relax and take it easy.

I am fine and very healthy. There is

nothing happening to me," Van Vicker told


The actor later took to his facebook page to

further address the issue by writing: "There is

a post on an imposter's page that I had an

accident this morning on my way to church

and I might die from bleeding. It is a rumour

and a stunt to drive traffic to that page. I am

well and in great health. Jehovah dey by my

side. Stay Eeasy."

Though the said page is strongly suspected to

be a fake 'Nadia Buari', it has the exact details

of the famous actress.

This is how it describes the owner of the page:

"My life tells a long story short of an apt and

adventurous actress of Africa, born into the

family of art…Born in Takoradi in the Western

Region of Ghana, I am the daughter of Alhaji

and Hajia Sidiku Buari. My father is a very

huge figure in the Industry of Art in Ghana,

holding several positions including that of

being the president of the Musicians Union of

Ghana. His leaderships extend beyond the

boundaries of Ghana into the international

world where he holds very key positions such

as the Vice President of International

Federation of Musicians. Also as a successful

producer, director, musician and actor, his

influence in my life is obvious and evident in

my present career as an actress.

"My mother, who is a beautician on the other

hand, has been the secret behind my looks

since childhood. As the first child of the

family, I have always pushed to desire the

accomplishment of Herculean tasks, a

tendency that makes me an inspiration to both

my siblings and friends and more especially, to

children who I love and who look up to me as

someone to learn from while I also consider

them as my best friends to learn from…"

The Ghanaian actress has, however, not made

any public comment on the incident.


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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