Jailing A Single Mother Like Akuapem Poloo Is More Harmful To Her Child – Ghanaian Filmmaker Speaks On Her Sentence

Peter Sedufia and Akuapem Poloo

Ghanaian filmmaker, Peter Safudia has stated that jailing Akuapem Poloo will be harmful to her child.

He argued in a post sighted by Newshuntermag.com that it’s more harmful to the child to be separated from his mum.

The filmmaker and creative director expressed his displeasure with the legal system in Ghana.

His comment comes after Ghanaian actress and model, Akuapem Poloo was sentenced to 90 days in prison for posting nak*d photo with her son.

Her sentence has received mixed reactions. However, a lot of Ghanaians have commiserated with her.

Read his lengthy post below.

Such absurd counts to imprison someone on.

Men wear boxer shorts, bare chested and walk on runways as models on live TV and photos. Those are not nude? Women wear tiny pants and bras and walk on runways as models on live TV and photos. Those are not nude?

The advertising companies that use children in diapers for their diaper adverts on TV and billboards; they’re not undermining another person’s privacy or dignity?

Child Right International wants her punished because her child is involved. Meaning, she’s being punished because of her child.

As a Child’s right organisation, you do not have the wisdom to know that separating this child from the mother (a single parent for that reason) is more harmful to the child than what you want her punished for. That, in the child’s mind, his mother is going to prison because of him. How do we explain this to the child? That, your mother posted a picture of you and her to celebrate your birthday, and she got jailed for it. Imagine the emotional and psychological torture this child will suffer. I thought the child’s interest is what Child Right International stands for. Or, his mental health is not part of their interest?

It’s only in Africa that jail is the only place to learn lessons. I thought prison was meant to keep dangerous and harmful people away from the society?

You see how in Western countries, blacks are jailed for every tiny offense, while their own go under house arrest, ban, pay fine or sweep streets? That’s exactly how we’re also running our legal system since they established them for us.

And this is how our minds have been conditioned. The same offense, let another person other than black commit it; we’ll defend and give excuses why it should be accepted and not punished.

Same way Achimota school rejected a black person with long hair, but had admitted non-blacks with long hair…

I congratulate you, Ghana!


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