Akon And WizKid Reject DarkSkinned Girls From Video Participation In Ghana

Ahead of the upcoming concert that will see the likes of Akon, WizKid,

Sarkodie and more in Ghana, controversy sparks! In a recent video

shoot for an up and coming Akon and WizKid video, some Ghanaian models

and girl were called upon to participate by the directors a few days

ahead of the shoot. Presumably prior to Akon and Wiz Kids arrival in


A model reported on the day of theshoot some girls were turned awayas

the agent (or the man responsible for calling them) informed them that

"they now wanthalf cast girls". A term used to describe girls with

mixed heritage, usually ones with white blood in them.

"THEY", most likely referring to WizKid, Akon and/or his music video

producer, turning away a fleet of arrivals originally requested to

attend by the model scout. In fact, the agent requested if the girls

could help him seek light skinned girls because 'THEY' were so adamant

on this request even on late notice.Nigeria, where WizKid is from, and

Senegal where Akon is from, are countries both flooded with girls

bleaching their skin simply because of such discrimination and being

made to feel ugly if dark.Not just in media and modelling, but general

favours in life.

Whilst there are good people in both countries trying to reverse the

self esteem damage of such activities such as Adama Paris who banned

skinned bleach models from the Senegalese national fashion week, Akon

and Wiz Kid's team are trying to further such acts internationally.If

this is the intentions Akon and the arrogant side kick WizKid wish to

introduce to Ghana, then we willbe more than glad to uninvite them.

Unfortunately for these bigots, Ghana has never been a land where

girls are discriminated for skin tone in any field. In such matters,

it is obvious they will passthe blame onto an employee to maintain

their reputation. But for any such behavior, both these artists should

be boycotted until their position is clarified.

It's a shame that grown men who might be an inspiration to some still

hover the Earth will a very small minded approach when it comes to

reality. It might come across as simply music video request, but it's

a habit existing in our countries born out of colonial rule, that

unfortunately is also birth of skin colour discrimination and self

esteem damage.

Thank God Sarkodie did not sign toAkon's label Konvict. All I can say

is I am looking forward to the departure of Akon and Wizkid from

Ghana. That would be great news. In fact we would be very glad if any

model continues to report any such activities going on in Africa (with

remits) so we can name and shame the real perpetrators behind the skin

bleaching epidemic.


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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