Constantly feeling fatigued and don’t know why?

It could be any one of the following reasons…

While all of us feel tired on and off, thanks to

the fast pace of our lifestyles, if you're

constantly feeling fatigued and can't quite

figure out why , it could be any one of these


– Take a close look at your daily habits -they

could be the prime reason for you feeling so

exhausted all the time. Depending on caffeine

to get you through the day isn't doing your

body any favours. Caffeine can leave you

feeling more tired than ever because it causes

your blood sugar levels to fluctuate. Ditch the

caffeine and instead opt for healthy juices

and soups. Avoid sugary snacks and junk food

and include fruits and vegetables in your diet

and make sure you eat lean protein. A healthy

diet goes a long way in keeping exhaustion at


– Are you getting enough sleep? Most people

think they can get away with a few hours of

sleep during the week and catch up on their

sleep on the weekends. This actually causes

your body to feel tired faster and you tend to

burn up more energy . Make sure that you get

at least seven to eight hours of sleep every

night and stay away from caffeine and alcohol

in the evening so that it doesn't hinder sleep

time. Also, the area you sleep in has to be a

place that is quiet and comfortable. Avoid

having a TV in the bedroom and keep clutter

out. Switch off your mobile before you go to

sleep -there are several studies that confirm

that sleeping next to a mobile that is on,

causes disturbances and is generally

unhealthy .

– If you feel you're too tired to exercise and

use that as an excuse to bunk your gym, stop.

Exercising not only helps you unwind but also

energises you. Avoid working out just before

you sleep because that will keep you up.

Instead, work out early morning or in the

evening. People who exercise feel less tired

than those who don't, say studies. Exercise at

least three to four times a week and soon you

will notice the difference in your energy


– As your doctor whether you need to do a

blood test for anaemia, which is one of the

most common cause of fatigue. Anaemia,

which is a lack of iron, can be treated by

following a diet that is rich in iron foods,

dark leafy vegetables or even supplements

that your doctor provides.

– An over or under active thyroid is also

known to cause severe tiredness. Get a blood

test done to see if your thyroid is functioning

normally Medication will help ease the tiredness

– Another health concern could be diabetes.

Out of control diabetes will make you feel

tired all the time. Get your blood sugar levels

checked. And if that is indeed the cause, ask

a nutritionist to prescribe a diet that is

suitable to your tastes and lifestyle.

– Whether you believe it or not, depression

can also make you feel very tired. Studies

substantiate this fact -if you find yourself

feeling sluggish and low, have lost your

appetite and are generally finding getting

through each day a task, it's time to visit a

psychiatrist who will be able to help you.

– Suffer from sleep apnea or snoring? If you

wake up every morning feeling as if you

haven't slept, it could be that you're suffering

from a sleep-related ailment. Visit your


– Experts say that undiagnosed heart disease

can also be related to tiredness. Feel a strain

even while doing mundane, everyday tasks

and feel tired easily? Time to go in for a heart


– One of the other main reasons for fatigue is

also the sweltering heat that has plagued the

city since the past several months. Doctors

have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of

cases of dehydration and fatigue. Try to stay

indoors as much as possible and carry water

with you always. Have as much liquids as


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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