Why I Resigned After 8 Years – Blakk Rasta Speaks At Last

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Activist Reggae Musician and popular radio

presenter, Blakk Rasta, has confirmed to News-

One he has resigned his job as host of Hitz

Fm's 'Taxi Driver' show and cut ties with

Multimedia Group, owners of the station.

"I was still on the radio [Monday

morning] when I tendered my

resignation. I have been with

Multimedia for eight years and I

think it is time to move on because

I am no longer inspired there and

of course, a few other things

happened here and there that made

me feel betrayed," Blakk Rasta

confirmed to NEWS-ONE during a

telephone interview.

The popular reggae musician denied

vehemently that he was sacked by

the station or forced to resign

under duress. "No one sacked me.

If I was sacked I would have told

you because there is nothing

embarrassing about it. I resigned

and when I handed them my letter,

they even said I had to refund to

them a month's salary because I

resigned without serving them

prior notice."

Blakk Rasta recently made headline

news when he was summoned

before Ghana's Parliament after he

had campaigned on radio for the

decriminalisation of marijuana use

in Ghana and alleged that some 80

percent of parliamentarians use


The award-winning musician did

not mince words in disclosing

to News-One that the ripple effects

of that invitation were part of the

factors which led to his resignation

from Hitz Fm.

"When I was invited by

Parliament, my employers did not

even sit me down before the

invitation so we plan on what

exactly we should say there and

how things should go, they did not

get a lawyer for me, nothing;

nothing like that happened. Even

my HR who was there knew next to

nothing about the incident when he

was questioned about the issue and

what exactly I had said.

"I did not get any support from

Multimedia, which I thought was

unfair. I thought once I was with

you, I should get your support.

Even if you do not agree with what

I said, you can go and say you do

not agree and that you are pleading

for clemency. But that was not

done and I even had to look for my

own lawyer.

"No one was interested in my

wellbeing as far as that invitation

was concerned; but they were

rather interested in the story and

in getting the news, so they

[Multimedia] set up their gadgets

and carried the news live both on

radio and television," Blakk

narrated to News-One .

When News-One called the

Programmes Manager for Hitz FM,

Mark Okraku Mantey, on phone to

cross check from him the veracity

or otherwise of Blakk Rasta's

allegation, he could not speak to the

matter because there was a lot of

noise in the background and the

conversation was barely audible.

Okraku Mantey, however, asked

that the paper call him back later

in the evening but his phone was

not answered when the paper

called back, and a text message

sent to his phone over the matter

was also not responded to as at

press time yesterday.

Blakk was emphatic that he felt his

work was not appreciated by his

employers and that they even

placed an embargo on his songs

after the invitation by Parliament.

"It has been a nice family but I

now feel uncomfortable. I feel

betrayed and I am not inspired

anymore to work with these

people. This slip could happen to

anybody but it depends on how you

handle it; but I was betrayed and I

had to go look for my own lawyer, I

went there on my own and even

after that, not even one person

from Multimedia has called me to

talk to me about it and the way


"What they rather did was to go

ahead and ban my songs on radio

saying that I do not attend station

gatherings and all that so my songs

should not be played on radio.

What is this? I don't intend

granting interviews or talking about

this because I have been working

with this station for eight solid


"I think Multimedia is not

appreciative of my work and

commitment. Time and again, I

have heard them make utterances

that make me feel I am not

appreciated and my die-hard

passion is not appreciated. I put in

all my passion and energy but this

afternoon, I just decided to tender

in my resignation.

What Next For Blakk?

"Next week, I am travelling to Italy

for the Milan Expo and I would be

representing Ghana on the ticket of

the Trade Ministry and we are

bringing home an award. Right

after that, I am going to America,

then Australia and then Trinidad

and Tobago. It looks like the

outsiders seem to appreciate my

works more and I am looking

forward to using this platform to

push my 'Serwa Akoto' on the

international scene.

"I hope to be back in the media

soon. Long before my resignation,

some stations had approached me

but I did not give in. I am not sure

which station I would be moving to

because it would be about the

biggest bidder and who would

appreciate me and respect what I


Source: News one

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