I’m not imitating Agya Koo – Actor Justice Hymns

Fast rising Ghanaian actor widely known

among the Akan movie community as

Mmebusem has refuted claims that he

is imitating veteran actor Kofi Adu also

known as Agya Koo.

The actor who has since 2012 gathered

a reasonably large following explained

although he had had reviews from

people which suggested his craft has a

lot of similarities compared to that of

Agya Koo, he never believes imitating

anyone would be beneficial especially

when being real could see him far in


"My brother, why should I be an

imitation when people will always opt

for the original? Would you prefer an

original phone from the UK or America

to an imitation from China? No. I am

staying true to myself as that will pave

greater chances for me.

Agya Koo is a great actor and I would

wish to attain his height and even more

in terms of career but not to be him."

He added.

Born Justice Hymns, the actor started

his career in 2007 where he followed

movie producers around and help them

with production works on set. He

however had the chance to make one

scene appearances later until 2012

when he had a major role to play.

He has so far starred in several films

including Nsroma the Shoe Shine boy,

Electricity Power, Evangelist LilWin,

School girl and the latest being Agya

ne Oba , a movie which sees him and

his son try to outwit each other.

Early this year, he had had acted in a

movie "Agya Awieye" which was out

rightly bought by stakeholders from the

movie industry and prevented from

being released.

Speaking as to how he got the name

Mmebusem which means Proverbs, the

actor disclosed to www.nydjlive.com

that his regular reference to the book

of Proverbs led most of his friends to

call him Mmebusem.

Asked why he loved to refer to the book

of Proverbs, the actor explained he had

the passion to spread the word of God

to all humanity and therefore it

necessary to push it through the


"At times people think I joke with the

quotations I cite but the very ones who

check on them realize I make such

references to tally with the situation at

hand in the movies…… I do not only

quote from Proverbs as others think

but rather from the entire Bible."

Justice Hymns has promised to make his

fans proud as he takes on major roles.


Kofi Oppong Kyekyeku

I am a Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist/Writer who has an interest in General News, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle and many more.

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