I Slept With About 98 Ghanaian Ladies After Buying Them Just Indomie – Nigerian Man Reveals

File Photo: Ghanaian Girls

For his three years stay in Ghana, a Nigerian citizen, Emeka Obi has revealed how he had his way with a lot of Ghanaian women.

According to him, these ladies are readily available to have s*x with him after buying indomie for them.


Looking at this development, Emeka now thinks most Ghanaian ladies are very cheap.

“During my 3-years stay in Accra, I realized that Ghanaian girls are very cheap and easy to bang. I slept with over 98 Ghanaian ladies from adults to teenagers. All I did, was to lure them with indomie since they love to eat noodles,” he told Fnnewsonline.com.

Emeka who has returned to his home country, Nigeria added that most of the ladies he enjoyed bonging are the born-ones.
“OMG!, the born-ones are sweet in bed. I bong them well”.

He advised that Ghanaian ladies should try and padlock their ‘pussies’ small till a man comes to ask for their hands in marriage.

When asked if he can say the same about Nigerian ladies, Emeka sharply replied that Nigerian ladies are not that cheap.

“In Nigerian, the ladies are not cheap. Before a Nigerian girl will open her legs for you, you don suffer”.


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