Berlusconi ordered to do community service

An Italian court in Milan has ordered former

prime minister and billionaire tycoon Silvio

Berlusconi to do a year of community service

following his conviction for tax fraud, Italian

media reported.

Tuesday's court order also means that

Berlusconi will have to respect a curfew and

will be limited in his movements, in a further

humiliation for the 77-year-old, who has been

expelled from parliament and is banned from

running in elections for six years.

Details of the ruling were not immediately


Italian media earlier reported that Berlusconi's

lawyers had asked for him to be allowed to do

community service one day a week in a centre

for disabled and elderly people near his estate

outside Milan.

Berlusconi was sentenced last year in the case,

which relates to the purchase of television

distribution rights by his Mediaset business

empire in the 1990s.

He will be spared prison time because of

leniency in Italy for those over 70 years of

age, and the sentence could be further cut for

good behaviour to nine months.

Berlusconi will also be banned from meeting

other people with criminal convictions, which

includes at least one of his closest associates.

There will also be some limits on his

movements, although the conditions are easier

than house arrest.

Under normal rules he would not be allowed

to leave the borders of the Lombardy region,

of which Milan is the capital, and will have to

seek a special exemption if he wants to travel

to Rome for political engagements.

Other charges

Berlusconi is still figurehead leader of the

Forza Italia (Go Italy) opposition party, Italy's

main centre-right group, and is leading its

campaign for European Parliament elections in


Berlusconi claims total innocence of any crime

he has ever been charged with and regularly

accuses a large part of the Italian judiciary of

plotting to exclude him from politics because

of an alleged leftist bias.

He is currently involved in two other court


In a trial set to start on June 20, he will appeal

a seven-year prison sentence and lifetime ban

from parliament for having sex with an

underage 17-year-old prostitute and abusing

his official powers.

He is also a defendant in a trial for allegedly

paying a $4m bribe to get a centre-left senator

to join his party in 2006 in a move that helped

bring down a rival government.


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