Kooko To Launch ‘Help The Prisons’ Campaign

Bono rapper, Kwamenana Gyabaah, popularly known as Kooko, is gearing towards the launch of a campaign dubbed ‘Help The Prisons’.

Kooko believes Ghanaians contributing in their small way will go a long way to help the prisoners who are neglected.


The management of BAM Nation told Newshuntermag.com that the campaign will be launched at the Sunyani Prisons on a yet to be announced date.

According to them, their aim is to tour and also make a contribution to help all the prisons in Ghana.

“It appears the prisoners in the country are neglected. They are not having better treatment… So I think we can all support them in any way that we can,” Kooko said in an audio sent to the News Hunter Magazine.

The BAM Nation CEO added: “This is the time that we need to show them our love. Again, not all of them are bad or committed what there were found guilty of…and it can happen to anybody. If they get better treatments, many of the so-called bad ones will change their ways.”

He also appealed to the families of those who have spent part of their lives in prison before to accept them back home–and show them an amazing love like never before.


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