Marriage Is Not About Good Looks Or Money – Counsellor Tells Young Women

Vociferous marriage Counsellor, Lady Reverend Dr Charlotte Oduro has advised young women on the choice they make when it comes to marriage.

According to her, choosing a lifetime partner should not be based on their looks or the amount of money they have.


“I know you are beautiful, I know when any man sees you they admire you but you know why you are not married…it is because you go for money, not love. You go for the man who has a good car and who looks good,” she said.

“My dear marriage is not about the one who looks good…marriage is about the one who understands you. It is about the one who can love and cherish you. Young ladies listen to me, go for somebody who will honour and respect you…go for somebody who fears God and stop following all these stars and guys around who will just use you and dump you”, Dr Oduro advised.

She emphasized that women being submissive their husbands will help the relationship to last for a long time.

“Women listen to me, learn how to submit to your husbands”, the counsellor added.


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