2nd Wave Of Sunyani/Bono Deserves Better Demo To Hit Sunyani And Other Bono District Capitals, As Presidency Refuses To Meet Bono Regional House Of Chiefs

Interested persons who wished to have joined the Sunyani Deserves Better Demonstration, but couldn’t, have embarked on underground consultative and snowball stakeholders meetings for a “next face and 2nd Wave” of the Sunyani/Bono Deserves Better Demonstration.

The Demo was first organized by the leadership of the Sunyani Youth Development Association (SYDA) together with some developmentally focused individuals in Sunyani and was held on Friday, December 10, 2021.

A reliable source on a mission to that effect hinted this writer at one deplorable area in Sunyani West on Tuesday and said “we are combining development concern wings and individuals for a stronger force to join the previous demonstrators for a next mega exercise.

“We are fully organizing ourselves to meet the organizers of the first ‘demo’ so that we mobilize people who have the region at heart from all the communities in the 12 District and Municipalities of the Bono region for the next phase which is going to be a spontaneous demonstration”.

According to the source, “We shall amass all the developmental oriented forces for the spontaneous exercise” because our observations and findings have indicated this current government under the leadership of President Nana Akuffo-Addo has taken people of the region and our Chiefs for granted.

The source explained they have inquired and received the response and actions of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs in regards to the petition of the first demonstration presented to the House.

“Our findings indicate the petition was discussed at the standing committee and general House on the 15th and 16th of December 2021 respectively, thus a week after presenting the petition”.

The source further revealed and explained that “the Bono Regional House of Chiefs has written to the Presidency to request for an appointment to pay a courtesy call on the President”.

“This is a copy of the response letter from the House of Chiefs to the Sunyani Youth Development Association”, the source proved.

The source expressed worry there has not been any response from the Presidency to that effect as at the time of filing this report.

“We are beginning to feel it is a deliberate ploy to delay on the part of either the Presidency or other individuals who matter”, the source said.

The source alleged what is escalating the second wave and the spontaneous demonstration is that the young politicians and some communicators of the ruling party in Sunyani always attack the protesters of the first demonstration on any platform they get.

“Meanwhile, they point to government projects in other regions, but, can’t point to any in the Bono region and Sunyani”.

“It is sad they keep attacking the organizers of the first demonstration any time they raise a concern about the development of this region”

“We have given ourselves some few days to decide when to come out to the public on the preparation so far because their actions are clear indication that they are not thinking of anything better to offer the region”.

According to the source, though they have sighted a few signs of things happening after the first demonstration, ” they’re not fast and extensive enough and we sense the promises could in the long run be political talk as has always been in the past years”.

The source reiterated they are only for the development of the Bono region but because political individuals don’t have the region at heart, only thinking of the next election, they turn to attack them.

2nd Wave Of Sunyani/Bono Deserves Better Demo

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