Women Are My Weakness – Papi Of 5Five Fame Reveals

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Papi of 5Five fame has talked about his weakness.

He revealed in an interview on Hitz FM that women are his weakness.

Papi does not see the need for men to fight over just one woman when there are a lot of them.

“My weakness is women, fine women. My preference will not change. I have never fought over women but people fight me over women. There are a lot of women, why will you fight over one?

“Why would you do that? If you are married, you can fight over your wife, but if you are a boyfriend or girlfriend, why would you fight over your girlfriend? There are some fools like that, but I don’t fight over women,” he said.

The musician indicated that he does not waste time when a woman turns him down.

“Women are my weakness, but you need to know that you can’t have her when you tell her you like her and she isn’t feeling your vibe. Move to the next one. Women have rejected me.

“They say things like ‘you will sleep within me and leave me’, as if their first boyfriends are still with them. Women leave me too because in a relationship when she gets so much attention at the start and as time goes on, things won’t be the same,” Papi of 5Five added.

He also disclosed how the attraction he has for women fades.

“If I call you seven times a day as time goes on it will be like three or two because I chop finish because things will change.

“It’s an advice to women. Leave the guys to work and if they don’t work you will say they are useless men,” Papi stated.

Papi of 5Five fame


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